The Boys star says the ending of season 4 is "f****** nuts" – and wants the superhero show to run for as long as possible

The Boys season 4
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The Boys season 4 is almost out, and Hughie star Jack Quaid has said it's his favorite season yet. Speaking ahead of the launch of the bloody and brutal superhero show, the actor also teased some details about what the ending will hold, after it was just renewed for season 5

"They always find a way to somehow find new beats, and they never repeat themselves," Quaid told Collider about the new season. "It’s been really cool. This is my favorite season that we’ve ever done. The writers have topped themselves." He went on to add that there were several moments that shocked him when he first got the scripts too, especially towards the end of the season.

"There are certain things in this season when I read them that I audibly gasped," he added to the publication. "I really didn’t see a lot of the beats coming, and that’s very hard to do for a person who’s been on the show for four seasons. The writers just really outdid themselves. The ending is awesome. The ending is fucking nuts. It’s insane. I’m talking about The Boys, so I can swear."

The Boys has already been renewed for new episodes after season 4 too, with showrunner Eric Kripke confirming that writing was underway. As for when the series will come to its conclusion, that’s still up in the air, but if Quaid has his way, it won’t be for a long time yet. "Ideally, it lasts for as long as it possibly can," he added. "I definitely do think that I would like the show to go out on its own terms, when that happens."

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