The Boys season 4 takes full advantage of Prime Video’s most overlooked feature, and the result is hilarious

the boys season 4
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Did you know there is a way to make Prime Video’s The Boys season 4 even funnier? That seems impossible, but fans have worked out how to use one of Prime’s most overlooked features to access even more jokes: the X-Ray button. 

That’s right, that little toggle at the top left-hand side of the screen that usually tells you what actors are appearing on screen actually features a whole bunch of jokes and useful information for you to get more out of The Boys. Now, we have known about this feature for a while, but we didn't know just how much comedy was hidden away there. And it looks like fans have just found out too as one pointed out on Twitter, "If you're not watching The Boys with Prime Video's X-Ray feature on, you're missing half the jokes." 

Just some of the X-Ray gags in season 4 so far include mentioning that Homelander’s favorite artists are Smash Mouth, Uncle Kracker, and Macklemore, and a conjunctivitis joke in relation to Splinter suffering from pink eye in episode 2, presumably caused by what he and his clones were getting up to in the previous scene. "Kids, wash your hands and don’t be gross! (Also your parents shouldn't be letting you watch this series.)" Ew.

There are also a few in-series meta jokes to make you feel like you're really living in the world of The Boys, such as the PSA: "All of Voughtality’s products are made with organic ingredients. Voughtality: For a Super You!" and, "Homelander would not be pleased to learn that Ryan is playing Tournament of Heroes as Lamplighter and nit him. In his recent interview with TIME Magazine, Homelander revealed that he only plays the game as himself."

And that's not all, apparently, Prime’s trivia jokes can be found in previous seasons, as another Twitter user pointed out. Now, we’re not sure if this has been going on since the series launched or if using the X-Ray toggle as another level of comedy is a new thing, but we sure are glad the feature is available on seasons 1-3 too. See the tweet below. 

X-Ray also includes some really interesting facts. It tells us that it really is Tilda Swinton voicing The Deep’s octopus lover, and when Homelander visits Sister Sage at her apartment, it says "This is the first time in the history of the TV series that we’ve seen Homelander wearing clothes other than his Supersuit or his birthday suit." Thanks X-Ray! There are also behind-the-scenes clips, interviews with cast and crew, and a soundtrack list with every episode.

We can’t wait to see what that sneaky X-Ray button has in store for episode 4!

The Boys season 4 episodes 1-3 are streaming on Prime Video now, with new episodes dropping every Thursday. For more, check out The Boys season 4 release schedule and the best shows on Prime Video.

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