Fallout cast watched Twitch and YouTube streams of the games before filming: "Watching people play was vital"

Fallout TV show
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While the stars of the upcoming Fallout series on Prime Video generally avoided playing too much of the RPG series, one cast member reveals he headed to Twitch to help prepare for his role.

Aaron Moten, who plays Brotherhood of Steel member Maximus in the TV show, tells GamesRadar+ that the cast "did dip into" the games, but “mostly through Twitch and YouTube".

"Watching people play was quite vital to my preparation. It was going to be the same sort of landscapes, the same sort of scenic design," Moten says. 

To that end, Moten praises crew members such as production designer Howard Cummings for how closely the sets mirror the kitschy retro-futurism of Fallout’s world.

"Howard Cummings and his team did amazing work. Everything feels directly pulled [from the games]," Moten says. 

"To get the opportunity to see these massive sets on a screen before I turned up for work was great. Especially for aspects of the game – a Brotherhood base – I needed to see: ‘What does a barracks look like? What are these guys wearing?’ That really helped inform the character development process."

Another cast member, Walton Goggins, also told us in a separate interview that he deliberately avoided diving into the Fallout games so he could concentrate on his own depiction of a gunslinging Ghoul.

"I never played the game. So, when this kind of came my way, I didn't want to play it 'cause I didn't want to be influenced by whatever version of the Ghoul is in the games," Goggins explained.

Fallout, starring Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Walton Goggins, and Kyle MacLachlan, is streaming from April 10 on Prime Video. For more, check out the rest of our coverage:

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