Kyle MacLachlan immediately sells us on Fallout – by comparing it to two of his greatest works: Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet

Kyle MacLachlan in Fallout
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With its radiation-infused setting and a cast filled with steel-clad soldiers, ghoulish gunslingers, and happy-go-lucky Vault Dwellers, Fallout may not seem like a prime candidate to be one of the funniest shows of the year. 

But it is – and cast member Kyle MacLachlan, who plays Overseer Hank MacLean in the Prime Video series, knows why – comparing the show’s twisted sense of humor to two of his finest works in Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet.

"It’s reminiscent a little bit of Twin Peaks in that you had comedic moments that came in very unusual places, also in situations that were very tense and frightening," MacLachlan tells GamesRadar+ of the funny side of Fallout and how its approach is similar to that of David Lynch’s television masterpiece. "Suddenly, there was a little bit of humor that was injected."

"People watch Blue Velvet, another example, and they laugh at really unusual moments and they’re sort of surprised that they’re laughing," MacLachlan adds, referring to the 1986 movie which starred MacLachlan as college student who embarks on a Lynchian dreamlike odyssey filled with sex and violence. "But they find the comedy in that, and it’s not dissimilar, I think, to Fallout and the humor that’s there."

MacLachlan’s co-star Walton Goggins also praises the low-key way Fallout handles its humor – which allowed the cast to focus on their characters.

"For me and I think for the rest of the cast, it was about making these people three dimensional and real," Goggins explains.

"You never play humor for humor’s sake, right? It’s just there. Maybe it’s a line that you walk, but if you believe it then these words just come out and the humor is situational. It’s not like ba-dum-bum: here’s a joke."

Fallout is streaming on Prime Video from April 10. For more, we've also got some exclusive insight from the cast and creators on the new series which you can read below: 

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