Avowed's director says they "don't believe in living in fear" after Microsoft closed Dishonored and Hi-Fi Rush studios earlier this year

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Avowed's director has commented on Xbox's recent studio closures, saying they "don't believe in living in fear."

Speaking to Eurogamer, Avowed game director Carrie Patel responds to a question over whether a Microsoft first-party studio can still feel safe to experiment given the recent closures. Just earlier this year, Microsoft closed Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks, and at the time, Blade's game director said the move was a "f***ing gut stab."

"As a developer - and as a player - it's always sad and it always sucks to see studios close and devs lose their jobs. I really hope all those people land on their feet, because I know our indusutry is better with them in it," Patel tells the outlet. "As for me and how I look at things, I guess first and foremost: I don't believe in living in fear," the Avowed director. 

Patel goes on to say that you "have to be invested in what you're making," and what you have to believe in it. The Avowed director also said they feel a "strong sense of security in being part of Obsidian," because the developer is a studio that was successfully independent for roughly 15 years before Microsoft acquired the developer in 2018.

"I really trust in our leadership. I trust in our process for making games and I trust in our players and our fans who believe in what we do. I'm definitely sad to hear about what's happened to some of these other studios - it hasn't diminished my commitment, or my belief in what we're doing," Patel adds. 

Avowed's release date looks to have leaked just earlier today, not even a full day removed from Xbox's big games showcase. Obsidian's new RPG looks to be releasing on November 12, before being swiftly deleted from the internet - but not before eager fans got a look at it.

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