Splinter Cell fans are in mourning after yesterday's no-show at Ubisoft Forward: "This game is not real"

Splinter Cell
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Ubisoft's Splinter Cell remake was once again absent at another Forward presentation, and fans can't take it anymore.

It's easy to forget that Ubisoft first announced Splinter Cell's remake in December 2021, because we've heard and seen basically nothing of the game since then, outside of concept art nearly a year later in November 2022. Now another Ubisoft Forward presentation has come to pass without mention of Splinter Cell's remake, and fans, as you can see below, aren't too pleased.

We're now well over a decade removed from the last Splinter Cell game - Blacklist in 2013. Later this year, in December, will mark three full years since Ubisoft first announced Splinter Cell's remake, and we haven't even seen a full trailer for the upcoming remake at the time of writing. You can see why long-time Splinter Cell fans are really suffering at this point.

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How I think we're all feeling after this year's Ubisoft Connect. from r/Splintercell

What probably doesn't help matters is that there was due to be another Splinter Cell game out by now - Splinter Cell VR - but Ubisoft canceled the game back in mid-2022. So not only have Splinter Cell fans had to put up with over a decade of not having a new game in the franchise, but they've also sat through one (that we know of) game cancelation at this point.

When we last heard about Splinter Cell's remake in late 2022, a creative director mentioned that its developer, Ubisoft Toronto, would be "going dark" for a while to focus on the game. Perhaps we'll have finally seen something new of Ubisoft's remake by the time the two-year anniversary of that quote rolls around later this year in November.

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