Wyrmspan and Wingspan board games get massive price cuts

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One of my most anticipated board games and its predecessor have been hit with enormous discounts, so it's a good day for anyone tempted by Wyrmspan or Wingspan.

Getting down to brass tacks, you can grab Wyrmspan for $52 at Miniature Market rather than its usual $65 (or for £41.99 at Magic Madhouse instead of £54.99 if you're based in the UK). So far as I can tell, that's its lowest-ever price. Meanwhile, the Wingspan board game is available for $43.68 at Amazon rather than $65.

The two thoroughly chilled-out board games see you build up a dragon or bird sanctuary depending on which one you get, and they're a welcome challenge rather than being overly competitive (which is always welcome if things can get heated around your table). The original, Wingspan, has been topping lists of the best board games for a while, and its more fantastical follow-up, Wyrmspan, has been highly anticipated as a result.

Wyrmspan | $65 $52 at Miniature Market
Save $13 -UK deal: £54.99 £41.99 at Magic Madhouse

Wyrmspan | $65 $52 at Miniature Market
Save $13 - So far as I can tell, this draconic follow-up to Wingspan hasn't ever been cheaper. I've certainly not been able to find it for less, or even at this price, anywhere else either.

UK deal: £54.99 £41.99 at Magic Madhouse

Buy it if:
✅ You like relaxing games
✅ You're a fantasy fan

Don't buy it if:
❌ You want something simple and quick

Price check:
💲 Amazon | $64.99
💲 Barnes & Noble | $65 

Wingspan |$65$43.86 at Amazon
Save $20 -UK price:

Wingspan | $65 $43.86 at Amazon
Save $20 - While this isn't the cheapest Wingspan has been, that's its lowest price in roughly a year. As such, it's well worth a look if you want a modern classic for your shelf.

UK price: £59.99 at Asmodee (no discount)

Buy it if:
✅ You want a zen game
✅ You love animals

Don't buy it if:
❌ You want action and dense strategy

Price check:
💲 Walmart | $43.86
💲 Target | $43.99 

On the fence about whether you should buy these board games for adults? So far as Wingspan is concerned, it's got plenty of feathers in its cap (sorry) – it won big in the industry's premier awards a few years back, the Spiel des Jahres. Plus, I can say from years of personal experience that it's a delight. Even though you're competing for points, having your own board to develop (and the lack of aggressive moves that allow you to mess up your opponent's board) keeps things surprisingly relaxed. Plus, the mechanics are surprisingly moreish. Even if you 'lose,' you'll likely still be chuffed by your efforts. Oh, and that artwork? Utterly gorgeous.

As for Wyrmspan, I've yet to try it because it's only just hit shelves. However, it's basically a dragon reskin of Wingspan with extra mechanics to help it stand out. Rather than attracting birds to your sanctuary, you're drawing in dragons… and expanding a cave network for them to inhabit via questing. 

Either way, I'm not sure how long either of these board game deals will last. If you're tempted, it may be worth striking sooner than later.

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