How to unlock the Destiny 2 Facet of Justice Fragment

Destiny 2 Facet of Justice fragment unlocked
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Unlocking the Destiny 2 Facet of Justice Fragment requires you to solve a puzzle in the Refraction involving Solar crystals and Hive symbols. It's one of the more complicated Destiny 2 Prismatic Fragments to get, especially since the Hive symbols only appear when you're standing in a certain area and they face the wrong way. It's much easier to solve this Destiny 2 The Final Shape puzzle with a pal to direct you, but if you're running solo in the Pale Heart, I've explained the whole solution below. Here's what you need to know to get the Facet of Justice.

Destiny 2 Facet of Justice location

Destiny 2 Facet of Justice chest map location

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The Destiny 2 chest containing the Facet of Justice is in the Refraction region of the Pale Heart, specifically in the large, circular room with an upper level and a big window that overlooks the rest of the Refraction.

To get there, start from the Landing and follow the main path east, bearing left to enter the Refraction. Keep going through the region, following the Lucent Hive enemies. Eventually, you'll have to turn right which will lead you into the correct room with the chest in the middle, but you'll need the Refracting Prismatic Key to crack it open.

How to get the Refracting Prismatic key in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Facet of Justice puzzle solar crystal deposited into bowl

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To get the Refracting Prismatic Key for the Facet of Justice Fragment, you first need to deposit Solar crystals in the correct bowls that correspond to three Hive symbols.

In the chest room, you'll notice three Hive symbols arranged vertically and a Solar crystal on the upper level above the symbols. When you grab the Solar crystal and remain on that upper level, 10 Hive symbols appear in the archways. On the wall behind each of these archway symbols is a large bowl, so you need to deposit a crystal in the bowls corresponding to the three correct Hive symbols.

From the perspective of the Prismatic chest facing the Solar crystal, imagine the archway Hive symbols are numbered 1 to 10 from left to right. You need to place Solar crystals into bowls 4, 8, and 1.

You'll know that you've placed a crystal in the correct bowl as you'll see the message, "It draws closer…". Here's how the whole puzzle solution works:

  1. Grab a Solar crystal and deposit it into the bowl behind Hive symbol 4 – the fourth in from the left. This will spawn another Solar crystal in the usual spot.
  2. Grab another crystal and place it at Hive symbol 8 – the third from the right.
  3. Grab a third crystal and place it at Hive symbol 1 – the first on the left. If done correctly, you'll see the message, "It is here" and lots of Dread enemies will arrive.
  4. Kill the Dread. Eventually a Harbinger and an Omen will spawn.
  5. Kill the Omen and Harbinger to get the Refracting Prismatic Key.

With the Dread dead, you'll have the necessary key to get into the chest, finally getting you the Facet of Justice Prismatic Fragment! There are four other Fragments unlocked by solving strange puzzles like this one out in the Pale Heart, such as the Destiny 2 Facet of Mending, where you need to search for Ghosts, and the Destiny 2 Facet of Command, which has you shooting piles of ice.

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