Diablo 4 March of the Goblins and Mother's Blessing explained

Diablo 4 March of the Goblins
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The Diablo 4 March of the Goblins and Mother's Blessing are in-game events tied to the anniversary celebrations currently taking place. It's been a whole year since Diablo 4 first launched, so Blizzard are marking this milestone with two weeks of increased loot and XP, along with a selection of free Anniversary Event Rewards that are available to claim. The festivities began on June 6 but things haven't got off to a smooth start, so read on for the latest updates on March of the Goblins and Mother's Blessing in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 March of the Goblins explained

Diablo 4 March of the Goblins Greed Shrine

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The Diablo 4 March of the Goblins started on June 6 and is due to run until June 13, providing several ways for players to increase their gold. During this event you should see Treasure Goblins appearing more frequently and dropping better riches and loot than usual, and in Dungeons you could encounter Treasure Goblins in pairs or maybe even larger groups! Greed Shrines will also appear more frequently, boosting the amount of gold dropped by defeated enemies for a time after activation.

Initial feedback from players has suggested that the Treasure Goblins are not appearing at the correct frequency or dropping loot at the level they should, which has been investigated by Blizzard and a hotfix should be released shortly to improve the situation.

Diablo 4 Mother's Blessing explained

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The Diablo 4 Mother's Blessing was originally meant to start around June 10, but due to confusion over the initial announcement it has been pushed live immediately. To begin with, the Mother's Blessing status effect will provide a 35% XP and 35% Gold boost to all players, but when the 1.4.2 update patch goes live in the week commencing June 10 this will revert to the originally intended 25% XP and 50% Gold boost. This will continue until June 20, providing a solid period of time to increase your experience and gold balance.

Diablo 4 Anniversary Event Rewards explained

Diablo 4 Anniversary Rewards

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During this event, there are a total of seven Diablo 4 Anniversary Event Rewards you can claim, including mounts, weapon skins, and more. These are available from the Shop screen under the Anniversary Gifts heading, and a new item is added each day at 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT / 8pm BST. Don't worry if you can't log on that frequently, as these rewards will stack up and remain available to claim until June 20, so you've got plenty of time to collect them.

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