How to beat Diablo 4 Pinch of Poison for an Elixir recipe

Diablo 4 Pinch of Poison
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The Diablo 4 Pinch of Poison side quest is more than just a quick distraction, as the reward for completing it will assist your future adventures significantly. With the single easy objective ticked off, you'll receive the recipe for the Elixir of Antivenin which can then be crafted and applied to grant considerably Poison Resistance in Diablo 4 – a particularly useful boost in areas that put you into contact with toxic bile or when dealing with poisonous monsters. If you'd like to add this to your crafting list, then here's a walkthrough for the Pinch of Poison side quest in Diablo 4 and a breakdown of the reward.

How to start the Pinch of Poison side quest in Diablo 4

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To start the Pinch of Poison side quest in Diablo 4, you need to head to Gea Kul in the southwest corner of Kehjistan and then speak to Baraim, proprietor of the Watering Hole establishment on the north side of town. From my experience, this side quest will not appear until you are Level 40+, so if you haven't reached that level yet and can't find the quest marker at the above location then make some more progress elsewhere before returning. Once you can speak to Baraim, he'll ask you to source some Scorpion Venom Glands in return for a reward.

Diablo 4 Pinch of Poison walkthrough

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Once you've begun the Diablo 4 Pinch of Poison side quest, a section of Kehjistan within the Amber Sands area will be highlighted for collecting Scorpion Venom Glands, and you can use Diablo 4 fast travel to jump to the nearby Iron Wolves Encampment waypoint to speed up your journey there. However, as soon as you enter this area you'll see red enemy markers appear on your map highlighting where you can find the Scorpions you need to kill, which are all over the area and not just confined to the marked section.

Diablo 4 Pinch of Poison collecting scorpion venom glands

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Wherever you decide to fight the Scorpions, watch out for the Scorpion Venom Glands quest items that drop from them, which you'll need to pick up manually as they aren't automatically collected. They'll be marked by the blue quest diamond on your map, so you should be able to quickly see if there are any nearby to grab. Once you've acquired 15 Scorpion Venom Glands, you'll be instructed to return to Baraim to complete the side quest.

Diablo 4 Pinch of Poison rewards

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After turning in the completed side quest to Baraim in Gea Kul, you'll receive your rewards including 30 Kehjistan Renown plus XP and gold. More importantly, you'll also receive a Curative Cache containing five Elixir of Poison Resistance once opened, and the crafting recipe for Elixir of Antivenin. Learn this recipe by selecting it in your inventory then visit an Alchemist and you can craft an Elixir of Antivenin in the Quest Elixir section of their menu with the following materials:

  • 50 Bundled Herbs
  • 35 Angelbreath
  • 150 Emerald Fragment
  • 150 Skull Fragment
  • 1,000 gold

Once consumed, the Elixir of Antivenin provides the following effects for the following 30 minutes:

  • Maximum Life increased by 15%
  • Poison Resist increased by 20%
  • Experience gained increased by 8%

Not only do these effects greatly help you in areas where you're exposed to a significant amount of poisoning, but the 8% increase to experience gained is one of the highest boosts available through elixirs, meaning it can be used to help you level up fast in Diablo 4 if you consume it before entering combat-heavy areas such as dungeons or the Diablo 4 Helltide.

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