Fallout 4 Best of Three walkthrough

Fallout 4 best of three
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The Fallout 4 Best of Three quest sees you tracking down dead Gunners and gets you an incredibly OP - but fun - Tesla Cannon. However, it'll take you into the Glowing Sea area, and some of the highest level regions of the game, so it's not a task to blunder into unprepared. But if you want a great weapon and don't mind slogging through some fights, here's how to complete Best of Three in Fallout 4 and grab that Tesla Cannon.

How to complete Best of Three in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 best of three first location

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Best of Three in Fallout 4 can be started simply by listening to the Vault-Tec distress signal which is in the radio section of your Pip-Boy. As soon as do you that it will update the objective to Investigate the Distress Signal Coordinates. This will drop a marker way down in the bottom left corner of the map, in the Glowing Sea region. This is generally not a good place to be, with a level 48+ scaling. So, if you're nowhere near that yet you might want to wait. 

Even if you are happy taking on the Glowing Sea, make sure you have plenty of RadAway and Rad-X to deal with the radiation. And take all your best gear, making sure it's all in good condition. While the rest of this mission is basically tracking down objectives markers, even the most basic enemies will be a high level. 

Fallout 4 best of three first body

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When you reach the first marker you'll find the body of a Vault 95 Gunner. The Gunner Holotape you can loot from them is what you need here. Once you've read that you'll see a new option to Download Pip-Boy data from the body so press the relevant button and read the only uncorrupted option to get a new objective marker. This will take you even deeper into the Glowing Sea, so now is the time to pop some Rad-X and get ready to glow. 

Fallout 4 best of three second location

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When you reach the marker you'll find the partially buried Hopesmarch Pentecostal Church. The only way in is through the roof, however: it's full of feral ghouls so it's worth stopping at the hole and taking out as many enemies as you can before going in. You can drop the hole, just be aware that the drop from the top to bottom can kill you if you're not at full health, so it's safer to jump in through to the steeple and take the spiral staircase down. 

Fallout 4 best of three Hopesmarch Pentecostal Church

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Once everything except you is dead you'll find another body by the podium on the stage. Again you'll see an option to Download Pip-Boy Data, so do that to get another map marker to chase. It's close to the church so find your way out to continue. 

Fallout 4 best of three third location

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It's only a short way to the next marker, a radio tower with - surprise! - another body to download Pip-Boy data from. So do that and be ready for an attack of Bloatflies that burst out of the body. Once they're all gone you'll be able to tune into the Gunner Signal Remnant on your Pip-Boy radio. This will give you a signal strength you can follow. It'll go up when you're heading in the right direction and down when you're not, so keep moving and judging what it does. As soon as you see a crashed plane, head for it as that's where you're going. 

Fallout 4 Skylanes Flight 1665

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The plane is Skylanes Flight 1665. Once there look for a short piece of the body open at both ends and full of red seats, a little way away from the main winged section. In there you'll find another body. Again you can download their Pip-Boy data but this time when you do you'll be attacked by a character named Caroni. All you have to do now is kill them to finish Best of Three.

Fallout 4 tesla cannon

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Once Caroni is dead you can take the Tesla Cannon they were using against you and have some fun with it. Despite looking like an electric bazooka, it's basically a powerful electric rifle that uses fusion cells for ammo that reload instantly, meaning you can fry everything in your way without having to stop.  

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