Tekken icon Katsuhiro Harada asks fans to stop sending him character concepts, because he doesn't want to be sued

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Tekken series lead Katsuhiro Harada has asked fans to stop sending him their character ideas, because "the more specific and detailed the idea is, the less likely we are to adopt it" thanks to legal issues.

Ever-present on Twitter, Harada once again responded to a fan earlier this week, when they sent him their inspirations for a potential future Pakistani character in the Tekken series. In the very lengthy tweet below, Harada basically asks people to stop doing this, since it's apparently something he has to deal with quite a lot.

Why has Harada asked fans to stop sending him character concepts? The Tekken series director writes that, across his 30-odd-year career, he's typically steered well clear of taking on fan concepts for characters, because it will undoubtedly result in a lawsuit claiming that he stole the concept.

Harada does acknowledge that some developers and publishers have deliberately sought fan feedback for things like character names in the past via "campaigns" in magazines. "However, many game companies stopped such initiatives and campaigns after such troubles, including lawsuits claiming rights despite having signed all kinds of consent forms in advance," Harada adds.

The Tekken lead adds that this isn't simply a case of determining whether Bandai Namco, or another developer, could win such a lawsuit. That's avoiding the bigger problem in the room: that developers don't want such a lawsuit from fans in the first place, regardless of whether or not they could actually win them. Getting sued by your fans ain't a good look, no matter the outcome.

Harada also moves to reassure Tekken fans that he's always listening to them regarding opinions surrounding games like Tekken 8, like balance issues with individual character's moves, for example. But, Harada points out, this is extremely different from listening to and accepting concepts and ideas for brand new elements like characters. 

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