Final Fantasy 14 players are obsessively camping outside the in-game house of Big Sippin, the Mountain Dew employee who hangs out in the MMO to promote soda

A party at Big Sippin's house
(Image credit: Square Enix/@_starshepherd on Twitter)

Final Fantasy 14 is doing a big promotion with Mountain Dew ahead of the upcoming Dawntrail expansion, and the best part is a guy named Big Sippin who's hanging out in-game to promote the soda brand.

"He’s here! Big Sippin, our Mtn Dew representative, has come to @FF_XIV_EN  to ride chocobos, battle raid bosses, and rake in the gil," the company says in a Tweet. "Come join him today in the Hyperion server to follow his adventures (and to maybe grab some DEW Rewards surprises)! Also, every Friday at 1pm in the Hyperion server, Big Sippin will be in-game, going through each expansion leading up to Dawntrail, where we've got some special stuff planned!!"

It's a very goofy marketing promo, but it's one the community has latched onto in a hurry - and I'm going to guess it's because the details are just too perfectly executed. For one thing, the man's name is literally Big Sippin. For another, he's literally a green version of Thancred, which is perhaps the most perfect community meme to latch onto. Whoever is behind Big Sippin, they're clearly a regular FF14 player - the guy keeps being spotted running around the overworld and occasionally popping up in raids.

The real mark of Big Sippin's seriousness about FF14, however, is that his player has managed to secure one of the MMO's notoriously difficult-to-obtain housing plots. The location has become a gathering spot for Big Sippin's increasingly numerous devotees, who are gathering outside the house just to catch a glimpse of their lord in green. 

Final Fantasy 14 is no stranger to guest appearances from food brands. Community members made the visage of Colonel Sanders so infamous in-game that it eventually paid off with a full-on KFC promo, and who knows what branding heights the game might reach next. This right here, folks, is why FF14 is the best MMORPG ever made.

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