Fallout is officially coming to Fortnite, and it looks like Epic's already teasing a new POI and the Brotherhood of Steel

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Fallout crossover
(Image credit: Epic Games)

With renewed interest in the post-apocalyptic series thanks to the Fallout TV show, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing the Brotherhood of Steel in Epic's multiverse. With a new official teaser having just landed, it looks like that time is Fortnite Season 3.

Today, Fortnite developer Epic tweeted an image of a Brotherhood of Steel member clad in the iconic Fallout power armor, looking through some billowing smoke clouds. In the image, we see some type of refinery pouring more smoke into the sky - presumably, that'll be some sort of new POI to explore during Season 3. It's safe to guess that we'll also get a Brotherhood of Steel skin as part of the new season's cosmetics, but personally, I'm curious if the map might soon be dotted with power armor-clad NPC enemies.

Rumors and datamines have pretty definitively predicted that Season 3 will be apocalypse themed, and this Fallout crossover would certainly fit right in. Fortnite Season 2 is currently scheduled to end on May 24, so that'll likely be the start date for the new season, too. Given the usual promotions for these launches, it's safe to expect we'll see a whole lot more teasers in the days to come.

Epic has had to make some changes to the Fortnite item shop, owing to a $1.2 million Dutch fine related to a claim that "children’s vulnerabilities were exploited" in how the store operated. Those changes included removing cosmetic color tiers and some adjustments to how the store refresh timer works.

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