Fortnite Sports Cars: Where to find the Whiplash vehicles

Fortnite Sports Cars
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Fortnite Sports Cars are one of the few vehicles currently remaining in the battle royale, though you may not have heard them being referred to by that name before. Sports Cars are the angular Whiplash vehicles that have been around for a long time, though when you enter one now it transforms into whichever Car design you've configured within your locker. These rides feature heavily in the Dummy's Joyride Fortnite quests, so if you're working through those before Fortnite Season 3 arrives then it pays to know where they are. With that in mind, here's where to find Sports Cars in Fortnite to tick off those assignments.

Where to find Sports Cars in Fortnite

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Fortnite Sports Cars can be found in various areas all over the island, although a lot of their spawns are randomized so you may need to check along different roads and in parking lots to find one. However, there are a set number of guaranteed Sports Car locations in Fortnite that appear in every match, so I've marked those on the map above. I've also indicated the three main gas stations where you can fuel up Sports Cars for another quest, including the one at Piney Pumps where you need to deliver a Sports Car to Dummy.

How to jump a Sports Car and travel 70 meters before landing in Fortnite

Fortnite Sports Cars jump and travel 70 meters before landing

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To jump a Sports Car and travel 70 meters before landing in Fortnite, you need to find a high point to launch your vehicle off. While it is possible to build a long ramp yourself before driving a Sports Car up it, these do stand out to other players and leave you open to attack, as well as being easy to fall off unless you construct it two units wide. However, there is a handy natural location to complete this quest, as if you grab a Sports Car from Pleasant Piazza or Snooty Steppes then head towards the lake between them, you'll find a high clifftop you can drive up to then boost from the top to easily sail 70 meters before landing on the far shore.

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