XDefiant crossplay settings and how to turn it off if you don't want it

Xdefiant crossplay
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XDefiant has crossplay enabled, with a loading screen stating it's 'a cross-platform game'. PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X all coexist and play together if you don't change anything, so if that's what you wanted to hear, great. However, if you don't want cross platform or crossplay in XDefiant then you can turn it all off. Do that and you'll only play with other people on whatever format you're playing on.

Is XDefiant crossplay?

Yes, XDefiant is a crossplay game, with a loading screen message to confirm cross platform play, stating you'll be 'matched with players on formats different to your own'. This is on by default but you can manually disable it in the settings if you don't want it as a feature.

You'll be able to see crossplay in action when an XDefiant lobby fills up - all the icons next to each player name will show what everyone is playing on. Admittedly, as you can see in the image below, for me so far it's all been PC so far, but you get an idea of what you're looking for:  

Xdefiant crossplay lobby

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Having crossplay in XDefiant as the default option means you should have no trouble filling a lobby and finding a match quickly as you'll have the largest pool of players possible to pull from. But, if for any reason, you don't want other platforms involved, you can turn it off.

To do that head into Settings and look for the Matchmaking and Account option. In there you can switch off crossplay and confine your lobby to just the platform you're currently on. Obviously if it's a quiet patch and player counts low that could mean you take a little longer to fill a match. The option is there if you want it though so you can switch it back on just as easily. 

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