Star Wars Outlaw's fan-favorite creature Nix is more than an adorable companion, its director sees him and protagonist Kay as "one character"

Star Wars Outlaws
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Star Wars Outlaws' release date is fast approaching, and there's plenty to be excited about – an open world to explore, a new story featuring a scoundrel as the main protagonist, and an adorable, fluffy, axolotl-like companion called Nix to travel the galaxy with. However, Nix is more than a cute face, as the game's director actually considers him and Kay Vess to be "one character" when it comes to Outlaws' gameplay. 

In a new interview, creative director Julian Gerighty explains to GamesRadar+ that despite Kay and Nix being dual protagonists in the game's narrative, when it comes to the gameplay, Nix is able to help his scoundrel friend "do incredible stuff" without needing any Force powers like Star Wars Jedi's Cal Kestis. Who needs to be a Jedi when you've got a merqaal companion?

"So we actually see [Kay and Nix] as one character, in a way, in terms of pure gameplay," Gerighty says. "It's allowing Kay to do incredible stuff without giving her the force or powers or magic. It's like an extra long third arm where she can distract people. She can make a smoke canister explode, she can sabotage something from a distance, but it feels grounded because it's her best buddy." 

That's not to say Nix is only there to help Kay out, though, as at the end of the day, their friendship also sounds very sweet. Gerighty adds that "even narratively, there's a lot of benefits" to having dual protagonists. And, of course, he's mega cute. Did I mention that already?

Star Wars Outlaws will finally be released in just over two months, on August 30, for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. 

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