Lords of the Fallen gets a sequel in 2026, but likely Epic Game Store exclusivity means the follow-up to one of 2023's biggest Soulslikes might not come to Steam

Lords of the Fallen review
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A sequel to 2023 Soulslike Lords of the Fallen is in the works with a projected 2026 release and could be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC.

Polish site Bankier has revealed that developer CI Games has signed an agreement with Epic Games to publish a new game on PC in 2026, so it could very likely be an Epic Games Store exclusive. This game is "the next part of the game Lords of the Fallen," the site reads, leaving little to the imagination.

This apparent sequel to the 2023 Soulslike might well be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC for life as there isn't a timeframe of exclusivity laid out in the deal. Developer CI Games retains the rights to publish the Lords of the Fallen sequel on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms, so don't worry about it being a PC exclusive.

The Lords of the Fallen sequel has been given the working title "Project 3," which is vague enough to invite almost any interpretation you fancy. This is directly off the back of CI Games taking home $60 million in its "best ever" year in 2023 - despite laying off 10% of studio staff.

Lords of the Fallen initially sat at a 'Mixed' Steam user average review score for months on end, but it just recently rose to 'Mostly Positive' earlier this month in June. The base game was plagued by several issues, but especially enemy ambushes, which were so bad and overwhelming that CI Games changed the enemy density throughout the entire Soulslike game late last year.

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