Sun Haven is Stardew Valley's stunning magical twin sister, and the indie game just got its biggest update yet - adding a sand-sational underwater region, charming new bachelors to marry, and more

Sun Haven 1.4 update screenshot showing a large octopus-like blue boss in an underwater region, The Brinestone Deeps
(Image credit: Pixel Sprout Studios)

Sun Haven offers an enchanting spin on Stardew Valley and the usual farming game formula, featuring all sorts of fantastical creatures and magic - and it just got a massive new update.

As a cozy game stan myself, I've been waiting for Pixel Sprout Studios to release its exciting 1.4 update for Sun Haven before losing myself in the indie gem's whimsical world. With a brand-new underwater-themed region and a laundry list's worth of romance-related additions, the patch stands strong as the developer's most impressive yet. Stardew players waiting for Haunted Chocolatier to finally launch - Sun Haven may just be the perfect bridge between now and ConcernedApe's hotly anticipated release.

With angels, elves, dragons, and pepper-themed crustaceans (yes, you read that right), Sun Haven is basically Stardew's magical spiritual successor. You get all of the relaxing farming essentials like harvesting, fishing, and mining - with fairytale elements sprinkled on top. The new patch expands on all this, adding yet another area to explore on top of the few that already exist - the Brinestone Deeps. In this ocean-esque region where you can live out your wildest mermaidy dreams, you'll face off against some "kraken" bosses and monsters, meet various unique NPCs - and perhaps even romance a couple of them along the way.

Sun Haven's 1.4 update adds all sorts of lovey-dovey features - from the long-awaited ability to have a child to lengthy wedding vows and goodnight kisses, the patch is packed full of romantic flair. That's not all, though - romance aside, chaotic-aligned fans may be pleased to hear that Sun Haven now has its very own Black Market accessible via the sewers. It might not be the same as visiting little old Krobus in Stardew, but you'll definitely want to check the underground secret merchants out at some point.

You can grab Sun Haven on Steam right now to traverse the Brinestone Deeps for yourself, where you'll also find the shell-ebratory optional DLC Pixel Sprout Studios just dropped alongside 1.4. If you're a handheld gamer like me, Sun Haven's patch boasts full controller support, too - which equals all the farming and spell-casting Steam Deck shenanigans you could hope for.

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Anna Koselke
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