Defying Nintendo, just two players remain on the 3DS and Wii U's dead servers after the last Splatoon player's 68-day streak ends

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Splatoon The First was supposed to have fizzled out when Nintendo shut down online servers for both the 3DS and Wii U over two months ago. Things didn't shake out so simply, though, as one dedicated player defied the Big N and managed to keep paintballing. Until now, that is. 

Captain Lcd101 was and forever will be the "final Splatoon player" as they managed to keep both their console and the game connected online for a whopping 68 days after shutdown. That phase has sadly come to an end, however. 

"My connection to Splatoon has been terminated," the Splatooner tweeted. "In my move, I accidentally lost connection to my router. I'd like to thank everyone for this inkredible support... Words cannot express how amazing it's been to wake up every day and see you cheering me on. You've made me the luckiest squid (or octo) online and I'm just so thankful for all of your love."

Captain Lcd101 can still keep their head held high, though. Along with seven other dedicated players, Splatoon's last inkling managed to beat a record long held by Halo 2 superfans who clutched onto their dying game for 25 days after the original Xbox Live servers were sunsetted. Some things are worth the map purgatory, right?

According to community member GaffsNotLaffs, who has been tracking the end of the Nintendo Network, only two known players remain connected to 3DS and Wii U servers. One player is still cruising around in Mario Kart 7, while another gets to enjoy the delightfully absurd player-made creations of Super Mario Maker.

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