How to get sheep in Manor Lords

Manor Lord sheep
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Knowing how to get sheep in Manor Lords should be easy. There's a sheep farm, done...? Except it's not actually that easy with additional steps required to get the sheep onto the farm once you've built it. Like a lot of things in the game, though, it's not clearly explained. So if you're staring at an empty field muttering 'C'monDo Something', then here's how to get Manor Lord sheep.  

How to get Manor Lord sheep

Manor Lord sheep farm

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Obviously your Manor Lord sheep journey starts with building a sheep farm from the Farming section of your Construction menu. However, it's best to think of this as just a house where sheep farmers live - you'll need to do more before you can actually farm sheep. 

Crucially you'll need a pasture to put the sheep in, so build that next to the sheep farm. You can draw out the space the same way you assign market or housing space so do that and keep an eye on the animal population it can accommodate. 

Manor Lord animal pasture for sheep

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However, to actually get sheep you'll need to use a Livestock Trading Post. So if you haven't got one of those, go into the Trade section of your Construction menu and build one, then add a family to run it. If you're struggling to have enough people free to run both the farm and the trading post then check my Manor Lords approval and people guide to get more. 

With a Livestock Trading Post you'll be able to click on it and then enter the Trade section to see all the animals you can buy and sell. Because we want to bring sheep in here I've set my options to Import only, so I only bring them in, and set the surplus to five - this is the amount the game will then target to get (or keep if you chose Export or Full trade which will sell any excess after that value). If you need help with Manor Lords regional wealth to help make all this happen, check that guide for more info. 

Manor Lord trading post importing sheep

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The next part will take some time because you'll need to wait for someone from the Livestock Trading Post to physically walk to another town and bring a sheep back. If you check the people tab for the Post you'll see what they're doing. If one says 'Imports Livestock' (sic), they're bring a sheep to you and you can click on the little head icon to see them: 

Manor Lord sheep

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They'll probably appear a waaay out in another region so wait and eventually they'll walk the sheep to its new home. Once that happens you can start farming sheep in Manor Lords properly. You can also get sheep by leveling up a development node to unlock sheep breeding, which is free but will require leveling up first. 

Just remember, you'll only get wool from your new sheep, as the game currently only really operates a one resource per 'thing' system. So sheep, oddly, aren't a Manor Lords food option. For sheep it's wool, so sell that or build a Weavers hut to turn into yarn to also sell and use. 

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