Survival juggernaut Terraria has officially outsold Super Mario Bros - and its devs waited 2 years just to flex its latest sales milestone

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Indie phenomenon Terraria shows no signs of slowing down, having surpassed 58 million copies sold - a milestone that means it's officially outsold Super Mario Bros.

In a state of the game update last month, developer Re-Logic said that "it has been quite some time since we gave an update on just how massive the Terraria fanbase has grown." It's been two years since that last update, in fact, where we learned that Terraria had shipped more than 44 million copies, but that 24 month, 14 million sale delay in update was very deliberate.

"We had our sights set on [giving an update] once we passed a somewhat-obscure game about a plumber and his brother trying to save a princess from this dragon-turtle thing," Re-Logic explains. That's a thinly-veiled nod to the original Super Mario Bros., which had sold more than 50 million copies as of 1996, and has since shipped roughly eight million further copies across its Wii U, Game Boy Color, and Classic NES Series re-releases. 

Re-Logic announced that Terraria has now surpassed that 58 million total - "58.7 million to be more exact." The developer says it is "beyond humbled and thankful for your continued support - it is the force that drives us every day to make even more awesome Terraria experiences." It also teased a potential something that might happen "when we get to 60 million..."

There's always the chance, of course, that Super Mario Bros has shifted some extra sales here and there over the past few years, but it can't be denied that even if that 58 million figure is a little out of date, Terraria is probably well on course to overtake the Nintendo juggernaut. For a 13-year-old game, racking up an extra 14 million sales in two years is very impressive going - perhaps fuelled by the fact that Terraria is arguably the best-reviewed game on Steam. Maybe that's why the team is still at it after all these years, and why the game has so very many 'final' updates.

Terraria's creator is "pleased to announce" a brand-new refund policy - beat him in PvP solo and you'll get your money back "for any reason, no questions asked."

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