Final Splatoon player cheats death on abandoned Wii U servers, recovering from an almost fatal freeze as only 4 remain after Nintendo's purge

An Inkling looking shocked as she stares at the Smash Bros. logo in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal trailer.
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Believe it or not, the final Splatoon player still inking it up in the canned Wii U servers has cheated death yet again.

When Nintendo pulled the plug on the 3DS and Wii U server on April 8, many beloved games and their online functionality went down the drain too. To stay in their favorite games for as long as possible, several dedicated fans channeled their inner Noble 14, refused to turn off their consoles, and miraculously stayed connected to the undead Nintendo Network. 

One such player is Lcd101, the final Splatoon inkling who's luckily still connected to the original game, although surviving for this long kinda got them stuck in map purgatory with a rotation that won't change for another decade, as opposed to the switcharoo that normally occurred every few hours.

Things have now become even weirder for the last inkling standing since the servers seem to be having an existential crisis. "I'm shaking," the player tweeted earlier today. "My console froze for a few minutes just as I went to enter Booyah Base and I thought it was over. It then loaded."

Lcd101 continues to explain that their "ink color has changed yet again," after going from pink to green a few days ago. "I think this might be caused by bad data," the player speculates, "Day 38."

There are now only four known players still connected to either the Wii U or 3DS servers, according to tracker GaffsNotLaffs, with one player in Mario Kart 7, another in Super Mario Maker, and a third in Xenoblade Chronicles X. The group has collectively beat a long-held record originally set by the final Halo 2 superfans, who managed to keep their OG Xboxes connected to the servers for just over 25 days a decade ago.

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