Helldivers 2 director confirms the 'review bomb' cape is very real and complete, but Arrowhead is waiting for the "right time" to drop it

Helldivers 2 review bomb cape
(Image credit: mjbga04/Arrowhead)

It turns out the Helldivers 2 'review bomb cape' is real after all, but Arrowhead is waiting until the right time to release it.

You'd think a single cape wouldn't attract that much attention among a game's community, but this isn't just any ol' cape. In the wake of Sony's incredibly unpopular PSN account-linking mandate earlier this year, Helldivers 2 was reviewed bombed to hell on Steam. Because Steam lets review grades over weeks and months be viewed as a graph, Helldivers 2 players proposed the graph should be immortalized in a cape, and it's an idea Arrowhead responded to with enthusiasm.

Helldivers 2's own director teased something cape-related last month in May, only for an Arrowhead community manager to dispel the entire cape as possibly never having existed in the first place later that same month. Now Helldivers 2's director has once again teased an update for the review bomb cape, revealing in the tweet below that it's actually "done on our end," but Arrowhead is just waiting to "find the right time to release it."

"Its existence or hypothetical delivery is veiled in clouds," the Arrowhead community manager said last month to expectant players, so you can't really blame them for being doubtful of the cape existing in the first place. After all that drama, this is hopefully the final nail in the coffin of the review bomb cape being real after all, and what's more, actually being completed at Arrowhead at the time of writing. 

Arrowhead's shooter is on a bit of a hot streak right now, having just released a gargantuan patch that doled out over 100 tweaks and adjustments to Helldivers 2's Stratagems, weapons, and even missions, which was warmly received by players. Sadly, it appears Helldivers 2 was inadvertently made more difficult for some players, which honestly came as a shock to Arrowhead itself. It looks like patrol spawning wasn't remedied after all.

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