Where to find every Hot Spring in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima Hot Springs
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Finding Ghost of Tsushima Hot Springs will increase Jin Sakai’s maximum health, a special moment of meditative contemplation that also allows you to hear Jin's thoughts on recent events in Ghost of Tsushima. As you explore the island, you'll find these areas marked by red trees and steam, and you should absolutely make use of them, as each one you find will make you all the more damage-resilient in encounters to come. With that in mind, here's the location of every Hot Spring in Ghost of Tsushima, divide into the three major regions.

All Izuhara Hot Springs

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  1. Seaside Hot Spring - On the cusp of the River Child’s Wetlands, to the east of the R in the name in the bottom left corner of the map. 
  2. Quiet Basin Hot Spring - Off-road south of Azure Pond, right next to a giant Pampas.
  3. Rising Trees Hot Spring - North of Archer’s Rise, on the side of the road on the way up to the mountaintop.
  4. Mountain View Hot Spring - North of the Winding Trail, this spring is in the basin below the nearby shrine, so you should be able to find it by looking for the Torii Gates nearby.
  5. Carved Mountain Hot Spring - This spring is hidden on the way up to Shigenori’s Peak. Look for the burning mountaintop and the Torii gates and stray from the gate path to the east.
  6. Golden Leaf Hot Spring - Directly east from Golden Temple, watch for the red trees in a forest of yellow.
  7. Hiyoshi Inn Hot Spring - This spring is right near the main quest giving area in Hiyoshi, and I believe it is part of the game’s story, so you should use it regardless.
  8. Castle Lookout Hot Spring - Directly south from Castle Kaneda, this spring is hidden behind the pictured guard tower landmark. 
  9. Firefly Hill Hot Spring - On the edge of a cliff looking out to Castle Kaneda, this spring is situated to the west of Izuhara Clearing, just across the river.

All Toyotama Hot Springs

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  1. Marsh Tide Hot Spring - Hug the east coast on your way into Toyotama and you’ll find this spring in a break in the tree line, east of Hakutaku Forest.
  2. Mossy Rest Hot Spring - On the absolute other side of Toyotama, this spring is south-east from Umugi Cove, on the coastline, just up from the sand.
  3. Yoshinaka Hot Spring - Slightly west of Mamushi Farmstead, this spring is behind the lone house (marked in black on the map screen) hidden behind a cluster of trees.
  4. Morning Glory Hot Spring - North-east of Yarikawa Stronghold, this spring is near the coast, shielded by a rock wall and overlooked by the nearby Pagoda.
  5. Bamboo Forest Hot Spring - In a hilly clearing amidst the bamboo thickets, this spring is just south of the A in Old Toyotama Hills.
  6. Maple Shade Hot Spring - On a cliff edge west from Fort Koyasan, at the bottom of two forking paths.

All Kamiagata Hot Springs

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  1. Jito Foothills Hot Spring - On the other side of the Kubara Mountains, under the S in Jito’s Foothills on the way down to the coast. 
  2. White Mist Hot Spring - On the narrow way into Kamiagata proper, this spring is along the east coast, just south from Kin Village - you should be able to spot a Torii Gate leading up to a nearby shrine on the way to it.
  3. Morimae Hot Spring - Southeast of Izumi Village, hug the coastline and you’ll find this hot spring in a field of pampas next to the cliff edge overlooking the beach below. 

Ghost of Tsushima Hot Springs Reward

Ghost of Tsushima Hot Springs Reward Fundoshi

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Once you bathe in every hot spring in the game, you’ll unlock the Fundoshi, an outfit that lets Jin roam free in just a loincloth. It also allows you to sprint and run without making any noise, so it’s super helpful during stealth missions!

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