Quick, the Pokemon Twilight Masquerade booster box just hit its lowest price

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You can get your hands on 36 Pokemon Twilight Masquerade booster packs for their lowest-ever price if you move fast – and the set isn't even out yet.

The massive booster box has been discounted by an impressive 17% ahead of the May 24 Pokemon Twilight Masquerade release date, and if price comparison software is anything to go by, the bundle has never been cheaper. More specifically, you can get it for $107.99 at Amazon instead of $129.99. That's a drop of $22.

This isn't the only discount flying around for one of the best card games. You can save up to $12.50 on older cards at Best Buy right now - a decent shout if you want to boost your collection or grab some accessories like storage tins. The more recent Temporal Forces Elite Trainer box has also hit an all-time low at Amazon, at least so far as I've seen – it's now $37.88 rather than $48.99.

Twilight Masquerade Booster Box | $129.99$107.99 at Amazon
Save $22 -Buy it if:
✅ Don't buy it if:
❌ Price check:
💲 💲

Twilight Masquerade Booster Box | $129.99 $107.99 at Amazon
Save $22 - The price for this box of 36 boosters at Amazon has been a bit all over the place since it launched, and we've seen it average out at almost $120 in May alone. That makes this a saving worth paying attention to, especially because the box isn't out yet and hasn't been on sale for all that long.

Buy it if:
You want to build your collection fast
✅ You're looking for the most cost-effective way to build decks

Don't buy it if:
You aren't sure you want to commit to Twilight Masquerade

Price check:
Walmart | $114.99
💲 Best Buy | $119.99 

Should you buy the Twilight Masquerade Booster Box?

So far as whether you should buy the booster box goes, I think it comes down to a couple of things. Do you want the best possible value on new Pokemon cards? This box is what you should go for, because you're getting 36 packs in total with 10 cards each. That's 360 cards in total, which would cost you $161-ish if you were to buy individual boosters.

Do you want to make a new deck/add to an old one and guarantee at least some duplicates? This is the way to do it. The sheer number of cards you're getting here gives you the best chance of doubling up on certain Pokemon, items, or Trainer cards.

Sure, this box will inevitably dip in price again – perhaps when the Prime Day board game deals roll around. But that's at least a couple of months away, so if you want to get in the door on release day, this is your best bet. Plus, there's no guarantee that we'll see another record low like this for a while. 

If you're wondering what to look out for, I've seen some buzz surrounding the 'Unfair Stamp' Trainer card. Should one of your Pokemon be knocked out in a round, it forces both players to shuffle their hand into their decks. You then draw five, while your opponent draws two. Nasty.

Greninja EX is also a hard-hitting option to keep an eye out for. For starters, its Shinobi Blade attack only costs on energy but deals 170 damage. Furthermore, it allows you to search your deck for a card, put that card in your hand, and then shuffle the deck once you've found whatever it is you're looking for. That's a powerful move.

For more offers, check out our page of board game deals. As for something else to play, why not drop in on the best board games?

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