Abigail Shannon

Abigail Shannon

Tabletop & Merch Writer

After graduating with a BA in English and Sociology, I followed the great Irish tradition of emigrating immediately. Nine months into a retail position at CeX, while lost in the deeply meditative process of cleaning gamer gunk™ off an Xbox 360 controller, it occurred to me that there had to be a better way to make a living from my love of nerdy guff.

And so began my freelance writing journey. And so it continued until I finally landed the fabulous role of Tabletop & Merch Writer here at GamesRadar+.

As someone who is as artsy-craftsy as they are tabletop-gamey, I love tending to the fine details of miniature painting just as much as I love roleplaying crushing my foes in combat. So, expect coverage of Dungeons & Dungeons, Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer, and heaps more as I find new hobby rabbit holes to fall down. 

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