When does Fortnite Season 3 start? Here's everything we know so far

When does Fortnite Season 3 start?
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When does Fortnite Season 3 start is the question that everyone is asking now it's almost upon us, especially as we've just had confirmation that there will be a Fallout crossover theme running through the Season 3 Battle Pass and it will be titled Wrecked. Previous leaks lead us to believe that the new season would have a Mad Max-esque apocalyptic setting, so they weren't far off! While we've had big changes introduced for Fortnite Season 2 of Chapter 5, including the addition of the Olympic gods and their legendary powers as part of the Myths and Mortals theme, it's not long until that's likely to all disappear again as the battle royale island receives another makeover.

However, Epic aren't known for resting on their laurels and will already be planning the next stage of development in Fortnite, so there will certainly be more changes brought in during the course of this chapter and beyond. If you're looking to the future and wondering what Fortnite Season 3 in Chapter 5 may have in store, then here's everything we know about it so far.

Fortnite Season 2 of Chapter 5 Battle Pass screen

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When does Fortnite Season 3 start in Chapter 5?

The Fortnite Season 3 release date hasn't been officially confirmed, but according to the Chapter 5 Season 2 Battle Pass, as seen on the Epic Games website and the in-game message on the Battle Pass screen, we can determine the current Season 2 Battle Pass will end on May 24, 2024 at 2am ET. This means that the Fortnite Season 3 start date will most likely also be Friday May 24, 2024 following the usual downtime for the transition, but it will be a while before we receive official confirmation of this. It's unlikely there will be another significant Fortnite live event to mark this changeover, though there is currently a mini-event running featuring lightning, a moving statue, and Pandora's Box.

While Epic may not have said anything officially yet, it appears the Fortnite Season 3 start date has been confirmed via the PlayStation Store, which has posted several teaser images showing May 24, 2024 on them.

What will be the biggest changes made for Fortnite Season 3?

After weeks of speculation, Epic have finally revealed the theme for Fortnite Season 3 of Chapter 5, and it's going to feature a crossover with the Fallout series. This is confirmed both by the teaser image above showing a Brotherhood of Steel power armor in the background, and the winking face plus thumbs up emojis replicating the iconic Vault Boy pose. A post featuring the hashtag #FortniteC5S3Wrecked confirms that Fortnite Season 3 is titled Wrecked.

Here's a slightly closer look at the leaked Fallout POI that will be added to the Fortnite Season 3 island, which appears to be an industrial factory setting or possibly even a giant engine.

The huge leak of the 2024 Fortnite Roadmap that previously took place suggested an apocalyptic theme for Fortnite Season 3, as well as featuring crossover events with heavy metal band Metallica and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Because Season 2 is being wrapped up with a series a challenges based around the NPC Dummy and Whiplash Wild Week, which also increased the spawn rate of the Whiplash Fortnite Sports Car around the island, it was previously speculated that Season 3 will have apocalyptic Mad Max vibes and Dummy themselves may be getting a makeover. This is still possible to an extent, though Fallout will be the focus initially at least.

Once thing we do have official confirmation of is that the beans from Fall Guys, along with a selection of assets and animations, will be added to UEFN (Unreal Editor for Fortnite) some time in May 2024. It's likely that there will be some sort of crossover event to mark the launch of this content, which could coincide with the start of Season 3 towards the end of the month.

Biggest changes for Fortnite Season 3

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We've also seen some recent changes implemented that could have an effect on future seasons, such as removing Fortnite's cosmetic rarity system which has already proven unpopular with players. A potentially welcome feature to be added as part of that update, showing the planned date cosmetics are due to be rotated out in the Item Shop, won't be launching until late May so will likely coincide with the start of Fortnite Season 3.

According to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, a recent update removed all mentions of "Weapon Charms" from the game, which is unusual as references to other abandoned cosmetic types are still there. This could mean they're actually being prepped for a future release further down the line, along with the long-awaited Fortnite first person mode which would actually make weapon charms much more visible.

HYPEX also confirms that Epic are working on a new "Picture-in-Picture" mode, which should allow you to link your Fortnite account to other platforms so you can watch videos while playing the game. One of the suggested platforms is TikTok, and you can Like, Unlike, and Report the videos you view.

Finally, Epic have previously confirmed that Fortnite OG will be returning at some point during 2024. They've been quoted saying that "It's just a matter of how and when, and how do we make it so it's not just the same." This implies that it may come back in a format other than a short season, but for now we'll have to wait and see what gets announced in the future.

How much will the Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass cost?

A stack of V-Bucks coins that could be used to buy the Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass

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Fortnite is free to play, but buying the Battle Pass will get you lots of additional rewards. The Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass will likely be available for the usual 950 V-Bucks, which means it will be enough to purchase the smallest V-Bucks bundle in the Fortnite store, priced at $8.99 / £6.99 to get you 1,000 V-Bucks.

It's possible to get a head start by buying the Battle Bundle upgrade. This will get you to Tier 25 on the Battle Pass instantly. Doing so will cost you 2,800 V-Bucks, which you can get for $22.99 / £17.49 (2,500 V-Bucks, plus 300 for free).

If you don't want to spend any money, you can always try to get free Fortnite V-Bucks for the Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass, but don't fall for online scams! If you choose to save up some V-Bucks, remember that you only need to collect 950 of them to unlock the next Fortnite Battle Pass starting in May 2024.

And that's all we know about Fortnite Season 3 in Chapter 5 for now, but keep checking back and we'll have all of the details as soon as they're revealed!

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