The best PS5 headset in 2024

The best PS5 headset can keep your game collection shining on Sony's latest console. Just as the latest console takes gameplay to the next level, so do the gaming headsets designed to compliment every gunshot and web-sling. We've been testing all the latest and greatest PS5 headsets since the console first launched, running them through the biggest releases to work out exactly which devices play nicest with Sony's machine. 

We're spreading our search for the best PS5 headset beyond those $300 luxury cups, though. You'll find all our favorite devices from the full price range here, with value for money considered just as carefully as raw performance. 

Choosing the right set of cups for you can be tricky - especially if don't want to make compromises with your investment. We've had our hands on all the best gaming headsets from the best brands, and we continually keep all new releases in our play roster to ensure we're testing against the full market's value. The result below is our list of the absolute best PS5 headsets we've come across so far.

The quick list

The best PS5 headset overall

The best PS5 headset


Connection: 2.4GHz / Bluetooth / wired
Drivers: SteelSeries Premium High Fidelity Drivers
Frequency response: 10Hz - 22kHz
Microphone: ClearCast Gen 2 - Fully Retractable Boom; Bidirectional Noise-Canceling
ANC: Yes
Controls: Power, mic mute, Bluetooth
Battery: 22 hours per battery
Weight: 337g
Compatibility: PC, PlayStation

Reasons to buy

Incredible SteelSeries audio quality
Awesome DAC/hub with great options
Superb build and design
Excellent connectivity options
Ingenius battery solution

Reasons to avoid

One of the most expensive premium gaming headsets going

It's our favorite gaming headset overall, and the best option for PS5 as well. The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is a force to be reckoned with, boasting incredible audio, fantastic additional features, and a comfortable form factor to boot. All that luxury comes at a price, but if you're just after the best PS5 headset - and will splash out to get it - this is where you need to be looking. 

Buy it if

✅ You want to invest: The Arctis Nova Pro isn't a cheap headset, but if you're after something that will see  you through for years to come it's an excellent investment.

✅ You have a split PC and console setup: You're spending on high quality audio, but also on that split connection hub. That means those running a PC alongside their PS5 will get the best value here.

✅ You don't want to worry about battery: If you're tired of plugging your headset in or running out of juice mid-session, it's well worth putting that problem to bed once and for all. The swappable battery packs are a revelation. 

Don't buy it if

❌ You don't want to tinker with EQ settings: There is a little work going into getting the best audio possible out of the Nova Pro Wireless. Anyone looking for an easy plug and play device might want to consider something more streamlined. 

You have a smaller budget: Of course, if you're after something a little cheaper it's worth chasing another model. We haven't seen sales knock too much off that $349.99 MSRP since launch.

Design: We almost fell in love at first sight. A sleek design and suave aesthetic means these cups look the part - and so they should. At $349.99 / £329.99, you'll want these cups to speak to their price point at first glance, and we certainly weren't disappointed when opening the box. Not only is everything finished with a robust build quality, but there are some smart design features baked in here - like the onboard slot for the swappable battery. 

Features: It's those additional extras like a swappable battery pack and dual connectivity that truly elevate this experience even further. The dedicated base station not only makes for easy connection toggling between PS5 and other devices, but also offers a handy EQ hub so you can get the perfect setting no matter what you're playing. 

Our favorite feature was the hot-swappable battery packs. They theoretically mean you'll never have to hook up your PS5 headset to charge again - one sits in the hub itself on charge while the other powers your device. Once it's drained, simply swap and repeat. With each pack holding 22 hours, you're getting plenty of juice each time as well. 

Audio: We've always enjoyed a SteelSeries soundscape, but the Arctis Nova Pro builds on previous iterations' particularly well. We did find the Arctis 7P to lack a little in the bass, but the new generation brings plenty more power to these lower ranges. Overall sound is incredibly detailed here across the ranges, offering pinpoint precision across audio cues and rich, vivid open world environments. 

Verdict: The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is the best headset on the market right now, naturally making it the gold standard for PS5 players. It's pricey, but if you're really after top shelf audio this is where we'd recommend you start.

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The best budget PS5 headset

2. Razer Kaira X for PlayStation

The best budget PS5 headset


Connection: Wired
Drivers: Razer TriForce 50mm
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20KHz
Microphone: Razer HyperClear Cardioid
Controls: Volume, mic mute
Battery: NA
Weight: 283g
Compatibility: PlayStation, PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, mobile

Reasons to buy

Excellent audio quality
Comfortable fit
Good value

Reasons to avoid

Ear cups get a bit hot
A little quiet by default

Razer's first PS5 headset is a solid one. Launching with an 'X' variant like the Barracuda means it's not the full-blown premium Kaira for PlayStation that we get first but the Kaira X for PlayStation is still a worthy contender for those looking for great sound for the $60 / £60 mark - which is exceptional value in our eyes.

Buy it if:

✅ A wireless connection isn't a priority: The Kaira X maintains its low price point by ditching the wireless connection of the middle Kaira version. That means you can score excellent audio by sacrificing that 2.4GHz dongle.

✅ You want a PS5-inspired aesthetic: You're still getting that PS5 black and white aesthetic here, inline with the rest of the Kaira range. That's perfect for those building a more streamlined setup.

✅ You're working with a smaller budget: The Kaira X is naturally cheap by design, but we also regularly see sales hitting this budget PS5 headset. That means you can save even more if you catch it at the right time. 

Don't buy it if:

❌ You need EQ customization: There's no option to alter your EQ settings here, which is to be expected at the price point. Still, if you like to make your own tweaks and set up different profiles for certain games it's worth moving further up the price scale. 

❌ You need a wireless connection: The Kaira X ditches the wireless connection for a lower price point, but if that's a sticking point you can pick up the cordless Kaira model for a little extra. 

Design: The Kaira X follows the same design language as the rest of Razer's PS5 headset line. You're getting the console-inspired black and white aesthetic with chunky cups (thicker than those of the Pulse 3D headset) and a comfortable set of padded cushions around each cup and across the headband. It's a plastic build, but it's the same build as the more expensive Kaira model, and still feels solid in-hand. 

Features: Yes, the Kaira X for PlayStation is a wired headset and this is a big reason that this is a budget option, but it's a braided cord, has a strong right-angle connection, and is the ideal length for having enough slack but without being overly long. Crucially, though, you're getting the same audio specs as the more expensive Razer Kaira model, just dropping a wireless connection to keep that price down. If you don't want to worry about charging and you can live with a tethered play experience, it's a no-brainer. 

Audio: In our testing we found the sound quality provided by Razer's TriForce 50mm drivers within the headset to be predictably excellent and uncompromising - full bass, rich middles, and tight, exquisite highs. What's more, the mix and surround sound revealed themselves to be pretty great to us too for this price point. The mic is solid but doesn't quite have the warmth and overall richness to more premium headsets.

Verdict: For the price and as a simple wired headset, we can't recommend this excellent Razer PS5 headset enough. If you're prioritizing solid audio quality and an aesthetic that will suit your PS5 setup while working with a smaller budget, the Kaira X is your go-to. 

The best PS5 headset for most

The best PS5 headset for most


Connection: 2.4GHz / Bluetooth 5.3
Drivers: 40mm Neodymium
Frequency response: 20Hz - 22kHz
Microphone: Bidirectional noise cancelling
ANC: None
Controls: Power, volume, Bluetooth quick switch, mic mute, chat mix
Battery: 60 hours
Compatibility: PC, PlayStation, Xbox (on X model), Nintendo Switch, mobile

Reasons to buy

Excellent EQ support for console users
Comfortable over longer sessions
Durable build quality
Extendable microphone
Fantastic detailing in audio

Reasons to avoid

Not all presets are equally useful
No direct control over EQ settings in-app
Less powerful audio straight out of the box compared to competition

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova 5 Wireless is the latest in the Nova line, and it's come a little late compared to the others. That means it can pack even better value than the Nova 4 and Nova 7 it finds itself in between, all while still offering excellent additional features. 

Buy it if:

✅ You want tailored EQ settings: The Nova 5s are incredibly well geared towards those on the hunt for dedicated EQ settings on console. 

Durability is a priority: This is a particularly sturdy piece of kit, despite its lightweight plastic form factor. 

You play across a range of platforms: The 5X model is compatible with pretty much anything you can throw at it, making it a must-see for anyone running more than just a PS5.

Don't buy it if:

❌ You want direct EQ control on PS5: You won't have access to quick EQ band settings through the mobile app, just the desktop software. 

A high-quality microphone is a priority: The mic in here is great, but it's not as good as the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro or Hyperspeed. If that's your priority, Razer's the better buy. 

Design: The Nova 5 Wireless sits inline with the rest of the range. This is a ski-band style design with smaller circular cups and a fairly compact footprint overall. That's perfect for hiding away in a corner of your PS5 setup, but the generous padding also makes for long-standing comfort even during the heaviest of sessions. Everything is constructed from a particularly flexible plastic material which makes for a sturdy, durable backbone. We were impressed with this quality in our testing, particularly when travelling. 

Features: The biggest feature in here comes in the form of the Nova 5 companion app. This software gives you access to a massive number (100+) of EQ presets created by sound engineers and game developers themselves and tailored specifically for a huge supply of games. That means you're getting the perfect EQ settings for everything from Fall Guys to Fallout, all just a click away on console. That's not something we see every day, where EQ settings like this a generally locked away for PC users. 

Elsewhere, there's a good supply of onboard controls (adding a chat mix dial and Bluetooth quick switcher button compared to the Nova 4). You'll also find an extendable mic tucked away in the side. This more subtle design not only means you won't lost a detachable mic, but also makes the Nova 5s a versatile device that can be used for everyday music as well as gaming. 

Performance: Audio straight out of the box is compelling, but we were surprised by just how well the various EQ presets worked with each game we tested. Yes, some are more useful than others - we're not sure just how much a dedicated Fall Guys option really adds. But there were also some shocks in there - cinematic Baldur's Gate 3 scenes benefitted greatly and - of course - you're getting plenty of competitive options in there as well. 

Verdict: With easy connection options across a massive range of devices, but a specific focus on bringing game-specific EQ settings to consoles like PS5, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova 5 Wireless makes for a fantastic headset. It's well priced, excellent value for money, and incredibly versatile. 

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The best multiplatform PS5 headset

The best multiplatform PS5 headset


Connection: 2.4Ghz / Bluetooth
Drivers: Graphene 40mm
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Microphone: Omnidirectional flip
Controls: Power, HDMI switch, Bluetooth, volume, chat mix
Battery: 24 hours
Weight: 363g
Compatibility: PC, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch (limited), mobile (limited)

Reasons to buy

Fantastic compatibility
HDMI switcher features
Robust, detailed sound quality
Powerful microphone
Super comfortable design

Reasons to avoid

Bluetooth limited to base station
Requires an all-in-one setup

If you primarily play on PS5, but also have an Xbox Series X waiting in the wings, the Astro A50 X is going to be your best friend. The latest release in a long line of fan favorites, the new model features a unique HDMI switcher feature that lets you hop between consoles at just the touch of a button. Meanwhile, the excellent audio and Tempest 3D compatibility mean the overall experience is just as powerful between the cups as well. 

Buy it if:

✅ You play both PS5 and Xbox: If you've got your PS5 set up next to an Xbox, you're in the optimum position to make the most of the Astro A50 X's feature list.

✅ You only play at home: The base station design means this is limited to the home, but if you don't play on the go that won't feel that sacrifice. 

✅ You prioritize spatial audio: The Astro A50 X benefits from compatibility with both Sony's Tempest 3D audio and Xbox's Dolby Atmos options, which means directional sound is particularly well catered for. 

Don't buy it if:

❌ You split between PS5 and PC in different setups: If you have a PS5 and a PC in different setups, you might want to reconsider. You'll be moving the base station between these setups every time you want to connect, without benefitting from the HDMI switcher features. 

❌ You need ANC: The Astro A50 X doesn't have any ANC features, which other headsets certainly do at this price point. 

Design: Astro hasn't thrown out its rulebook here, this is very much the headset line we've all come to recognize. The white model we tested makes the most of those crisp angular lines and larger form factor, and it looks particularly good next to the PS5 to boot. Both the headset and base station are plastic in construction, but both feel sturdy enough to survive some beating. A padded bumper along the top of the headband and plush earcups ensure long lasting comfort, even if those temperatures do start to climb fairly quickly. If you'd prefer, though, you can easily remove the cups themselves from the housing to swap in with a cooler leatherette set. There's a particularly soft swivel to each side which means the cups will sit flush against your head without pinching on the ears, though this looser approach does make slotting the headset onto the charging contacts on the base station a little more fiddly. 

Features: The Astro A50 X has an ace in its base station. What was once a charging dock and wireless transmitter is now a bonafide HDMI switcher. That means you'll be hooking up a few HDMI 2.1 cables to the rear to plug both your PS5 and Xbox Series X in at once, then simply flick a switch on the headset to swap both video and audio. PC players can also take advantage of this, but the DisplayPort or USB-A only connection options make things more limited here. Bluetooth is also available, though only through the base station. That means you're covered for Nintendo Switch or gaming handheld play at home, but on the go audio is going to be a little trickier. 

The A50 X is happiest when it's placed between two consoles, though. The base station keeps the full 4K 120Hz signal of the HDMI 2.1 cables intact, and switches seamlessly between the two provided both are set to rest rather than turned off. 

This is the best audio I've personally heard through a gaming headset yet

Astro A50 X review

Performance: Featuring the same graphene driver tech as the Logitech G Pro X2s released in 2023, the Astro A50 X is an absolute belter. There's a particularly deft handling of competing audio across all the ranges here, as well as a powerful bass and well-spaced higher tones as well. Between the bullet-hell cacophany of Doom Eternal's battlegrounds and the thwacks of an Evil West fist fight, audio was booming where it needed to be and delicate elsewhere. That makes for a particularly well-rounded listening experience, not only in games but across music and movies as well. 

Verdict: While you'll need to have the right setup to make it truly worthwhile, the Astro A50 X is a powerhouse. The HDMI switching functionality makes it the best multiplatform PS5 headset on the market right now. While Bluetooth limitations mean your Nintendo Switch and handheld play is going to be limited to the home, and PC players don't get quite the same treatment as console hoppers, this is still a must-see. 

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The best PS5 headset for Tempest 3D Audio

The best PS5 headset for Tempest 3D Audio


Connection: 2.4GHz / wired
Drivers: 40mm neodymium
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Microphone: Dual in-built
Controls: Power, volume, mic mute, chat mix, sidetone
Battery: 12 hours
Weight: 292g
Compatibility: PlayStation, PC, Nintendo Switch, mobile

Reasons to buy

Official companion accessory
Potential of Tempest 3D AudioTech
Easy to use
Very comfortable

Reasons to avoid

Built-in microphone could be better 

Sony's official PS5 headset is, unsurprisingly, a top performer and has consistently been one of our favourites. 

Buy it if:

✅ You want to make the most of PS5's 3D audio: There aren't many PS5 headsets offering direct compatibility with Sony's Tempest Audio system - and certainly few offering such a feature at this price point.

✅ You want a lightweight headset: The all-plastic construction might put some off, but it's to be expected at this position on the price scale. Plus, it means you're getting a lightweight, particularly comfortable form factor. 

✅ You don't play with chat too often: The microphone drawbacks are only going to hurt those who regularly play online with chat. If you stick to solo adventures, there's nothing to worry about.

Don't buy it if:

❌ You regularly play online with chat: Of course, if you do take your gameplay online regularly, it's worth investing in a device with a more sophisticated microphone system. 

❌ You want a longer battery life: At just 12 hours of battery, the Pulse 3D headset isn't a workhorse. If you don't want to worry about plugging in too often, we'd recommend finding something with a boosted battery.

Design: Sharing the same design language and aesthetic that the PS5 and its accessories have, the Pulse 3D headset maintains a subtlety in its form - there's no extruding boom mic, and all the tech is discreetly hidden - this is the first major impression we got in testing. A thick rubber ski-style headband keeps the noggin cushioned from the thinner plastic frame, which itself runs down in a curved fashion to two circular cups. It's a novel design that isn't being replicated by many PS5 headsets - save for the colorway of the Razer Kaira line. 

Features: Underneath the stylish frame, however, you'll find all the necessary tech to immerse yourself in the PS5's Tempest 3D AudioTech, with the Pulse 3D headset being the best way to get the most from your new console's audio. As we'll see below that 3D tech really is at the forefront of the Pulse's package, which means there are other sacrifices in this spec sheet. There's no retractable mic, and battery life could certainly be better. 

Audio: The headset delivers gloriously rich and detailed sound as you traverse Astro Playroom's noisy noisy platforms, and gives multi-layered audio detail in the roar of combat in Miles Morales. However, it is in the quieter moments that the Pulse 3D headset and the PS5's Tempest audio magic really blew us away: spaceships zoom past your head in Astro, or footsteps' exact direction of travel being discernible in Miles Morales. There's a reason that this is the official headset, and we can see from our testing and hands-on that Sony invested in it. 

Verdict: The results are awesome, and it is absolutely one of the best PS5 headsets - and it's at an aggressive price point too. Sony's official device goes above and beyond the call of duty for its price point, even if there are some microphone sacrifices to get there. 

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The best microphone on a PS5 headset

The best microphone on a PS5 headset


Connection: 2.4Ghz, Bluetooth 5.2
Drivers: 50mm Razer TriForce Titanium
Frequency response: 12hz - 28kHz
Microphone: Unidrectional Razer HyperClear Super Wideband with 32kHz sampling rate
ANC: None
Controls: Volume, mic mute power, profile/Bluetooth
Battery: Up to 70 hours
Weight: 320g
Compatibility: PC, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, mobile

Reasons to buy

Truly excellent audio
Extraordinary microphone
Great design and lightweight build
Long battery life
Onboard profiles

Reasons to avoid

Some tiny slippage from the earcup / headband
No Xbox compatibility
No built in mic

There are very few PS5 headsets out there offering the same package as the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro. The new 2023 remake has completely revolutionised the already popular gaming headset, and with onboard profiles carrying Synapse EQ settings over to console and one of the best mics we've tested so far, this is certainly one to take note of.

Buy it if:

✅ You regularly play online with chat: The microphone on the BlackShark V2 Pro stands out as the best we've tested yet. That, plus excellent positional audio, makes it the best for online play on PS5 overall. 

✅ You split between PS5 and PC: The Black Shark line is designed for PC first and foremost, so if you do split your time between PS5 and Windows you're going to get some serious value here. 

✅ You play competitively: Competitive players will also appreciate the super low latencies on offer here, as well as the lightweight design. 

Don't buy it if:

❌ A wireless connection isn't necessary: Razer has packed a massive battery and a super low latency connection into the BlackShark V2 Pro, which means you're spending quite a lot on wireless features. If you don't need a cord-free experience, you can save plenty of cash. 

❌ You need headphones for commuting: There's no ANC on board, which means these aren't ideal for doubling up as a regular set of headphones. 

Design: While the outward aesthetic is remarkably similar to previous models, the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro offers a supremely comfortable build. Memory foam cushions and a lightweight frame mean this headset simply fades into the background as you play - no discomfort and no ear pinching. The steel headband is solid to boot - though we did notice the sliders slipped a little every time we put the headset on. 

Features: That mic is the reason we consider this to be the best PS5 headset for online play. It's crystal clear, incredibly rich, and superbly balanced - to the point where our teammates said it sounded like we were right there in the room with them during our testing. Razer has boosted the sampler rate from 16kHz in the previous model to 32kHz in the 2023 release. In practice, the results are podcast-worthy.

Throw in 70 hours of battery life (the previous model could only pump out 24) and a nifty new quick charging system, and you've got yourself a reliable headset capable of completely immersing you in whichever world you and your friends choose to inhabit. And you can stay there for a while as well. 

Performance: That's not all, though, the audio quality remains excellent. From crunchy combat in Dawn of War III to the spooky atmosphere of Stalker, games old and new were given a new lease of life with these 50mm drivers at the helm. There's a richness to every minute detail in these cups, and the directional sound to make good on Razer's esports-first philosophy behind the BlackShark line. 

Verdict: The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro takes an already winning headset and fine tunes it for PS5 glory. You're getting an excellent microphone and fantastic positional audio for competitive play making it the best set for online endeavors. 

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Full Comparison

If you're still unsure which PS5 headset is right for you, we're breaking down each model featured above in a side-by-side comparison just below. These ratings are all relational to one another, so while the Kaira X, for example, does have fantastic audio for its price it's not as strong as the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless overall.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Header Cell - Column 0 ComfortBatteryAudioMicrophoneExtra Features
SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★☆★★★★★
Razer Kaira X★★★☆☆N/A★★★☆☆★★★☆☆★☆☆☆☆
SteelSeries Arctis Nova 5★★★★☆★★★★☆★★★★☆★★★☆☆★★★☆☆
Astro A50 X★★★★☆★★★★★★★★★★★★★★☆★★★★☆
Sony Pulse 3D★★★★☆★★☆☆☆★★★☆☆★☆☆☆☆★★☆☆☆
Razer BlackShark V2 Pro★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★☆☆☆

How we test PS5 headsets

Every PS5 headset we come across goes through weeks of testing before we make our final review assessment, but we don't just leave these cups on the test bench. These headsets are slotted into our everyday play, becoming our daily drivers for work, play, streaming, and music during their testing period. On PS5, we test across a range of different games, each posing a slightly different question of the device itself. Doom Eternal is used to see how well a driver separates a bassline from more intricate details in the mid-range. Horizon Forbidden West is excellent for measuring a clustered mid-range and how well the headset handles sometimes overpowering environmental sounds when competing with dialogue. 

Apex Legends is used to test the directional accuracy of a headset, putting it through its competitive paces for both precision and mic volume. Finally, The Last of Us Part 2 is best used for environmental spacing; how faithfully a soundstage is reflected in the resulting audio and the detailing of more intricate effects in a wider setting. Of course, we're also playing whatever game sits on our backlog at the time during testing as well. 

For more information on how we test gaming headsets, check out the full GamesRadar+ Hardware Policy

Also tested

We put loads of PS5 headsets to the test and many make great purchases. However, some fall short of others in terms of overall value, features, or quality of life design. We consistently test each headset against new releases to make sure the list above is up to date, dropping previously reviewed models below for further consideration. 


HyperX Cloud 3 Wireless | Available at Amazon
The HyperX Cloud 3 Wireless certainly has a few balls in its court - between a comfortable form factor and leading battery life. However, there are too many sacrifices in this build to justify its price tag. 

HyperX Cloud 3 Wireless review


Corsair HS80 Max | Available at Amazon
The Corsair HS80 Max does offer a solid audio proposition for PS5 players, but its price tag punches above its feature set with a lower quality mic and no simultaneous Bluetooth connections. 

Corsair HS80 Max review


Razer BlackShark V2 Hyperspeed | Available at Amazon
The BlackShark V2 Hyperspeed is a fantastic gaming headset, coming in cheaper than the Kaira Pro's MSRP while still offering excellent audio and mic quality. However, this is a headset geared towards PC use, with your cash being spent more on THX Spatial Audio than Tempest tech. The USB wired mode puts this further out of PS5 range, especially considering the Kaira Pro also boasts haptic feedback to tap into the DualSense's features more as well. 

Razer BlackShark V2 Hyperspeed review


Corsair Virtuoso Pro | Available at Amazon

If you're after a slick open back gaming headset you've found it, but unfortunately the extra wire faff and background noise means the Corsair Virtuoso Pro isn't ideal for a console setup. This is designed for streamers to plug into a whole host of accessories on PC, so your cash is better placed elsewhere for PS5.

Corsair Virtuoso Pro review


Logitech G Pro X 2 | Available at Amazon

At $250, the Logitech G Pro X 2 is knocking on the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless' door (with sales considered our favorite PS5 headset can often be found for $279). While its graphene drivers and battery life make a fantastic case for it by itself, though, we'd recommend making your cash work a little harder with the superior sound and features of SteelSeries. 

Logitech G Pro X 2 review


Sony Inzone H5 | Available at Amazon

If you're buying a headset solely for PS5, we wouldn't recommend the Sony Inzone H5. It may sound like an oversight considering it's coming from the same house as the console, but the H5 straddles its PlayStation and PC markets. That means it doesn't quite nail either use-case, though is perfect for someone who splits their time 50/50. 

Sony Inzone H5 review


Audeze Maxwell | Available at Amazon

Following on from the success of the Penrose and Mobius, the Maxwell kicks things up a notch with boosted battery life, greater sound quality, and a more premium build. That makes its $299.99 / £319 price point a little easier to swallow - if you're an audiophile after a high end experience you'll be set with these cups.

Audeze Maxwell review


Sony Inzone H7 | Available at Amazon

Like the H5 above, the H7 doesn't quite get along with the PS5 in the way you would expect it to. We noted some frustrating PS5 UI issues in our testing, and PC settings don't transfer to your console. Considering this is a $199 MSRP headset, there's much better value for money out there.

Sony Inzone H7 review

How to find the right PS5 headset for you

Why you can trust GamesRadar+ Our experts review games, movies and tech over countless hours, so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about our reviews policy.

If you don't know where to start in your search for the best PS5 headset, it's worth taking stock of what it is you need from your cups, and how much you're willing to spend. If you're browsing in the sub-$100 / £100 category, for example, you'll need to make some sacrifices to audio quality to get higher end features (or vice versa). However, those looking to splash some cash on a more premium model will want to make sure they're truly getting their money's worth for the features on offer. 

After all, every PS5 headset has a slightly different proposition for you. A Razer Kaira is super easy to use, and provides excellent audio for its price, but it doesn't hold up to some of the more luxurious functions of the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro or even the Razer Kaira Pro. 

There are a few key features outside of audio quality that you'll need to consider when working out if a PS5 headset will truly fit your setup; connection, software, noise cancellation, and battery life. 

Wireless connection

Nowadays this is more than just a yes / no question. The majority of players are on the hunt for a wireless gaming headset for PS5, rather than juggling cables around the DualSense during play. If you're prioritizing your wireless connection, make sure you're getting a 2.4GHz dongle for the fastest connection and you can push the boat out further with an additional Bluetooth option for additional flexibility as well.

Software support

Very few PS5 headsets offer additional software support, with presets that can be saved directly on the headset via PC and then brought over to console play. That means anyone prioritizing this feature has already narrowed the playing field considerably. 

Noise cancellation

If you play in a busier environment, or you want your headset to double up for commutes, you'll want to invest in something with either active noise cancellation (the digital blocking of external sound) or passive noise isolation (the physical blocking of external sound, via a tighter clamp force or larger ear cushions). 

Battery life

This is a big one for those who don't want to be worrying about tapping out due to low power or having to plug in before or during a play session. Battery lives generally range from 20 - 50 hours these days, with 70 hour options and hot-swappable battery features available in more premium models. 

Best PS5 headsets: FAQ

Razer Kaira for PlayStation

(Image credit: Future)

What is the best PS5 headset?

At the moment, the best PS5 headset is the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless. However, if you're looking to make the most of that Tempest 3D Audio we'd recommend checking out the PlayStation Pulse 3D model instead. For anyone regularly playing online with chat, the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro is your go-to. 

Should I buy a headset for PS5?

This is a strong question, and actually relates to all players. Of course, if you play online with friends or competitively then a PS5 headset is a no-brainer; you absolutely need a headset with great audio and microphone.

However, we are inclined to suggest that all players should consider a PS5 headset given the importance and excellence of game audio nowadays. It was during the last-generation of gaming that this particularly came to light and it is no truer when it comes to PS5 headsets. The audio immersion you get in single player games, as well as multiplayer, with a PS5 headset is second to none - despite the wizardry that the console's Tempest 3D audio engine can do with TV speakers and surround sound systems. T get this audio excellence direct to your brain with even the most budget PS5 headset, means that it's an essential PS5 accessory in our eyes.

Is any headset compatible with PS5?

The great news is that an unbelievable number of headsets are indeed compatible with PS5! In fact, it'd be easier to tell you which ones aren't. However, for clarity, any headset that has a wired 3.5mm jack connection, a wired USB connection, or almost any headset that uses a 2.4GHz dongle will be compatible with a PS5. As a result, this opens up a world of possibilities when looking to get some audio givers for your PS5. What's more, any compatible and connected headset will get you all the benefits of the PS5's Tempest 3D Audio engine.

What can I use as a headset for PS5?

Extending one of our other answers here, the great news is that almost anything that resembles a headset or pair of headphones can be used on PS5. So if you need to save up from scratch to get a premium set, then you can still be safe in the knowledge that your old wired set can do you a great service in the meantime.

The only type of headset which is unlikely to be compatible is a straight-up Bluetooth set of headphones. Even Sony ones. It's often the case that you won't be able to just pair a Bluetooth set, so you'll have to revert to an audio cable in this scenario too.

If you're not exactly in the PlayStation camp, we're also rounding up all the best Xbox Series X headsets and the best Xbox One headsets on the market right now. Or take a look at the best wireless gaming headsets overall. 

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