Prime Day Asus ROG Ally deals 2024: portable PC price cuts to expect this year

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Prime Day Asus ROG Ally deals are round the corner, and Amazon's sale could well usher in heroic handheld discounts. We've already witnessed some impressive portable PC price drops in the past, but now that the Windows gaming machine has been around for a year we're expecting some new record lows to emerge. Whether you're looking to pick up the cheapest version or the company's most powerful Steam Deck rival, we're here to paint a picture of what to expect from the summer sale in 2024.

Prime Day Asus ROG Ally deals are itching to arrive, and Amazon's sale is sure to feature some heroic discounts. We've already witnessed some impressive portable PC offers in the past, but 2024 feels like a prime time for new record low prices. Whether you're looking to grab the most power Steam Deck rival for less or the cheaper version, we're here to steer you towards excellent savings this summer.

We're fully expecting our Prime Day gaming deals page to be occupied with the best gaming handhelds this year, as there are plenty of options begging for a price cut. However, the Asus ROG Ally has the potential to drop further than its rivals this year, especially since the ROG Ally X is set to arrive with a $799 price tag. The original model isn't going anywhere, but the situation is the perfect excuse to chop the Ryzen Z1 Extreme model back down to $599. 

You don't have to hold off until the big subscriber sale to grab handheld offers, and we'll be keeping an eye out for Asus ROG Ally deals ahead of Prime Day below. That said, the annual event is known to offer up record-low prices that kick the bar even lower, and we're already preparing to round up the best discounts. This will sound a little strange, but rather than grabbing the handheld at Amazon, Best Buy might be the best place to peek, as Asus has a retail partnership with the big box store.

What to expect from Prime Day Asus ROG Ally deals 2024

As a reminder, there are two versions of the Asus ROG Ally out there - the Ryzen Z1 variant and the beefier Ryzen Z1 Extreme model. Last year, the latter dropped from $699.99 to $599.99, at Best Buy while the entry-level option dipped from $499 to $399. We're fully expecting both $100 discounts to remerge in July, but there's every chance the upcoming ROG Ally X announcement could prompt a deeper discount.

With the Asus ROG Ally X set to arrive in July, it feels like it won't be joining in the Prime Day festivities. If it does manage to hit storefronts before Amazon's sale, we might end up with some sort of introductory discount to entice players. That $799 price tag probably won't receive a massive chop, and it's more likely we'll see some distance placed between the X and the OG model.

As for accessories, you'll be able to snag savings on cases, power banks, and more during the event. It's actually worth checking in on Prime Day Steam Deck deals even if you own a ROG Ally, as many of the best Steam Deck accessories will pair perfectly with Asus' portable powerhouse. If you're eyeing up any Steam Deck docks, just make sure to double-check compatibility before clicking buy.


When do Prime Day Asus ROG Ally deals begin?

Amazon has officially confirmed that Prime Day 2024 will kick off in July, but we haven't got an exact date yet. If the retailer sticks to previous patterns, the event will start on the second week of the month, so that's when we'd expect to start rummaging for bargains. That said, deals can spring up at any time of the year, so make sure to check back here for early offers.

Do you need a Prime membership for Prime Day Asus ROG Ally deals?

You'll need a Prime membership to grab exclusive offers, but Amazon usually has a bunch of deals that won't require an account. Considering most the best ROG Ally deals are normally found at Best Buy. the chances of you needing an account are slim. If Amazon does rise to the occasion with third-party sellers, you'll be able to snag a 30-day free trial below that'll grant you access to the sale and free delivery.

Amazon Prime 30-day free trial

Amazon Prime 30-day free trial

Amazon has a 30-day free trial available for its Prime membership meaning you don't even need to pay to take part in Prime Day tablet deals this year. Be sure to set a reminder, though, this will auto-renew at a rate of $14.99 / £7.99 a month

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