Prime Day Steam Deck deals 2024: handheld offers to expect this year

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Prime Day Steam Deck deals are almost here, and a bunch of great accessories, add-ons, and more are set to receive a discount. You'll have to go directly to Value to pick up the handheld PC itself, but Amazon has you covered when it comes to handy compatible gadgets. So, if you're waiting for the opportune time to kit out your Deck, you'll want to stick with us as we run through what to expect from the big sale.

Portable PCs are a relatively new thing, but Prime Day gaming deals can kick even the best gaming handhelds down to record-low prices. Again, you'll have to go directly to Valve for machines like the Steam Deck OLED, but the storefront giant is known for joining in other retailer's sales. Of course, we're also expecting plenty of the best Steam Deck accessories to get the chop, with previous years providing plenty of add-on offers to grab hold of. 

Naturally, you don't have to wait until events like Prime Day to grab handheld offers, and we frequently spot Steam Deck docks and other peripherals dropping outside of sale periods. That said, Amazon's big July bonanza sets the stage for the deep discounts to emerge. To prepare for such a feast, we've whipped up a guide on what to expect from the event this year, alongside some points on which products to look out for.

What to expect from Prime Day Steam Deck deals 2024

Steam Deck OLED sitting on wood desk surrounded by accessories

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First and foremost, you'll want to swing by Valve's official site for any Steam Deck offers in line with Prime Day. The last time the portable received a price cut was during Black Friday, with the 64GB handheld dropping from $399 to $349. The 512GB LCD model also dipped from $649 to just $479, which was admittedly also tied to the arrival of the Steam Deck OLED. 

We're expecting to see some price cuts on the device this year during the likes of Prime Day, especially since the two models above are still in stock. That's despite the fact Valve says it's phasing out the two LCD versions, so using Amazon's sale as an excuse to chop prices further makes sense. That said, the OLED model might also end up slightly cheaper too, but we'll have to wait and see what the portable PC maker has up its sleeve. 

As for what you'll be able to grab using your Prime subscription, you should be able to grab sweet savings on docking stations, cases, and more. Our current favorite dock, the Baseus 6-in-1, dropped to just above $30 last year, setting a new record low for the add-on. Jsaux also showed up to the bargain bin party, with its dock diving from $39.99 to $25.99. The event has also proven to be a good time to look out for things like wireless earbuds, and we were digging discounts on Asus' ROG Cetra buds that brought them down to $79.99.

Asus ROG Ally with High on Life gameplay on screen

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Just like when your grandma calls every vacuum a Hoover or every console a Nintendo, sometimes the best Steam Deck deals aren't on Steam Decks. By that, I mean Amazon's sale could be a perfect opportunity to pick up an alternative like the Asus ROG Ally or Lenovo Legion GO. The cheaper variant of the Ally specifically has already semi-permanently dropped to $399.99, and the top model often dips to $599.99 during annual sales. 

Asus also just officially announced the ROG Ally X, a revamped version of the original with improved specs and battery life. That should help instigate some offers on the original as we charge towards July, and it could even prompt other brands to get competitive. In any case, you'll want to also keep an eye on Prime Day Asus ROG Ally deals for offers on the laptop maker's portable PC.

There's even a brand new version of the MSI Claw set to arrive soon, and while it's not our first portable PC choice, grabbing the original might be worth while if it drops to a low enough price. Ideally, you'll want to keep things as close to the $400 mark as possible, but that's unlikely given it normally costs $800 (ouch). 


When do Prime Day Steam Deck deals begin?

Amazon has confirmed that Prime Day 2024 will officially start this July, but we're still waiting for a date for our calendars. If the retailer sticks to previous habits, the event should kick off on the second week of the month, so we'd keep a general note of that. Not that you necessarily have to wait for the event, as great offers are known to pop up before and after the sale season.

Do you need a Prime membership for Prime Day Steam Deck deals?

You'll only need a Prime membership for the Amazon offers exclusively reduced for members, but we often see plenty of discounts pop up that technically don't require a monthly fee. That said, if you're new, you'll be able to sign up for a 30-day free trial, get access to every offer, and take advantage of free delivery.


Amazon Prime 30-day free trial
Amazon has a 30-day free trial available for its Prime membership meaning you don't even need to pay to take part in Prime Day tablet deals this year. Be sure to set a reminder, though, this will auto-renew at a rate of $14.99 / £7.99 a month

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