Fortnite Cabbage Carts: Where to destroy them

Fortnite Cabbage Carts
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Fortnite Cabbage Carts can now be found in various places across the island, after being added to coincide with the Elements event based on the Avatar series. Although these mainly serve as themed props, you can at least collect some consumable items by smashing them up, plus you'll need to destroy a Cabbage Cart to complete one of the first Fortnite quests linked to the Elements event. However, as they aren't marked on the in-game map they can be difficult to track down. I'm here to help with that, by providing all of the locations where you can destroy Cabbage Carts in Fortnite.

Where to find Cabbage Carts in Fortnite

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There are 26 Cabbage Carts in Fortnite, which are fairly evenly distributed across the island in the locations shown on the map above. While most of them are on their own, there are a couple of carts in close proximity at The Underworld, Reckless Railways, and Mount Olympus – though as those areas can be a popular starting location for players, you may run into resistance if you head to one of those places straight from the battle bus.

Destroying one of the Fortnite Cabbage Carts

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To destroy a Cabbage Cart in Fortnite, you just need to hit it twice with your harvesting tool, or use whatever weapons you have at hand to shoot or blow it up. Not only will this tick the quest off your list, but it will also drop a pile of cabbage items that can be collected and consumed to restore HP. If you go to a specified location and can't find a cart, then it's likely that another player has beaten you to it, so you'll need to head elsewhere and try a different area.

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