Fortnite Weapons Bunkers: How to find and open them

Fortnite Weapons Bunkers
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Fortnite Weapons Bunkers are a fresh addition to the battle royale island, meaning that after years of teases we can finally open a hatch and head underground. If you know where they are and how to get inside then they'll certainly give you a tactical advantage in Fortnite Season 2, as they house a trove of weapons and items to stock up on as well as the opportunity to mod your guns to make them even more powerful. The way they work isn't obvious at first, so here's the lowdown on how to find and access Weapons Bunkers in Fortnite.

Where to find Fortnite Weapons Bunkers

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There are a total of nine Fortnite Weapons Bunkers, arranged in a rough circle around the island as highlighted on the map above. You'll find them in the following locations:

  • West of The Underworld
  • Piney Pumps (west of Lavish Lair)
  • The Ol' Mill (east of Lavish Lair)
  • Rescue Station (north of Reckless Railways)
  • Dumpenhausen (north of Mount Olympus)
  • Pantheon Path (west of Mount Olympus)
  • The Windmill (south of Fencing Fields)
  • South of Pleasant Piazza
  • Charon's Crossing (west of Grim Gate)

How to open Weapons Bunkers in Fortnite

Inside one of the Fortnite Weapons Bunkers

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The first thing to note about Weapons Bunkers in Fortnite is that not all of them will open in every match, so if you approach one and find chains across the entrance then that bunker won't be unlocked during the current match so you'll need to move on elsewhere. The others will begin opening after the third storm circle (around nine minutes into the match) and at that point they appear as icons on the map – if you're nearby you'll also hear a siren blaring out as the blast door opens up. Get inside a Weapons Bunker and you'll find several rare chests and piles of gold bars to loot, along with Fortnite Weapon Cases you can search for high-level guns and a Fortnite Weapon Mods bench to apply further upgrades to your armaments.

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