The biggest changes in Fortnite Season 2 of Chapter 5

Fortnite Season 2 biggest changes
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Fortnite Season 2 has arrived, and Greek mythology is the order of the day, giving areas of the island a classical makeover while adding a number of actual gods to the battle royale. If you incur their wrath then you may find yourself having to dodge lightning bolts flung by Zeus himself, or at least another player who has managed to get hold of his power in Fortnite. Aside from the Myths there are some other significant improvements that have been made, so here's what you need to know about the biggest changes in Season 2 of Fortnite.

Olympian legends have arrived in Fortnite Season 2

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 new weapons

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As you fight your way through the battle royale, there are now various Olympian legends you can meet as NPCs around the island. Some of these are Fortnite characters you can interact with, such as Aphrodite, Artemis, Medusa, and Poseidon, while there are also four bosses you can choose to duke it out with – Ares, Cerberus, Hades, and Zeus. Defeat any of those bosses and you can seize their Fortnite Aspect of the Gods, which work in the same way as the Society Medallions last season and grant the following powers:

  • Ares: Aspect of Combat
    Prepare for war! Imbues ranged weapons with increased damage.
  • Cerberus: Aspect of Agility
    Travel through the spirit world! Gain charges of Underworld Dash over time for quick bursts of mobility.
  • Hades: Aspect of Siphon
    Power to restore vitality! Grants healing siphon effect on enemy elimination.
  • Zeus: Aspect of Speed
    The vigor of Zeus! Run faster and jump higher while sprinting.

As with the Society Medallions, having one or more of these Aspects of the Gods equipped will reveal your location on the map to all other players, so use them with caution as your enemies will be able to see you coming.

Unleash the power of the gods

Fortnite Season 2 of Chapter 5

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A number of Fortnite new weapons have been added to the loot pool for Season 2, and while some such as the Gatekeeper Shotgun or Harbinger SMG are rebrands of existing guns, the Thunderbolt of Zeus is a fitting weapon to truly unleash the power of the gods. Keep an eye out too for the Wings of Icarus, as they let you take to the skies with the power of flight – just don't try to fly too far at once or your wings will burn up. The Chains of Hades will be arriving later in the season, to provide another Mythic weapon for your arsenal.

Visit new legendary locations

Fortnite Season 2 of Chapter 5

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If you look at the Fortnite map for the new season, then you'll see that significant changes have taken place to the northwest and southeast of the island. In the southeast the ice has partially melted, to reveal the Brawler's Battleground and iconic Mount Olympus, home of the gods. The area to the northwest has a much darker appearance, taking in Grim Gate and The Underworld, with the green waters there granting the Underworld Dash ability to players who touch it.

Stock up using the new bunkers

Fortnite Weapons Bunkers

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Fortnite Weapons Bunkers are another new addition to the island in Season 2, and provide a sizeable stockpile of high level guns along with other useful items to give you a real advantage. Only certain bunkers will open in each match, but if you manage to get inside one you can also use the Fortnite Weapon Mods bench there to upgrade your existing armaments.

Korra will be joining the battle pass

Fortnite Season 2 of Chapter 5

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Following on the heels of Fortnite Solid Snake, the battle pass character for Season 2 is Korra, from the Nickelodeon animated series Avatar: The Legend of Korra. As always, they'll be arriving with a series of themed quests that will unlock them as an outfit, along with other related cosmetic items. There are currently conflicting dates showing on the battle pass screen, so Korra will be launching on either April 2 or (less likely as it's a Saturday) April 6.

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