Fallout season 2: Has it been confirmed? What could happen next on the Fallout TV show?

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If you’ve seen the finale of Prime Video’s post-apocalyptic series, you’ll likely be desperate to know if there’s a Fallout season 2 on the cards. Well, while the Fallout TV show hasn’t officially been renewed yet, all indications are that it’s only a matter of time. Below, we break down all of the major clues that suggest a trip back to the wasteland is on the way, as well as just what might happen next. 

Be warned though, we’ll be getting into big spoiler territory for Fallout season 1 below. So make sure you’ve watched all of the episodes of the adaptation before reading any further. 

Ready? Here’s our complete guide to Fallout season 2, including potential storylines, what games may be relevant, and what the showrunner has said about its possibility.

Will there be a Fallout season 2?


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Fallout season 2 hasn’t yet been announced by Prime Video. Usually, the streaming service waits to see how well a series does before making a decision about whether to renew it, based on several factors, including hours streamed. 

That being said, Fallout season 2 does seem very likely for a number of reasons. First of all, Amazon Studios has put a great deal of faith into establishing Fallout as their next big sci-fi series and fought very hard to win the rights to the beloved game from Bethesda Studios. It certainly feels like they’re aiming for it to be a tentpole release, like The Boys and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

There’s also been a pretty big indication that a season 2 might be in the works thanks to some tax credit news. This comes after California announced that it has awarded $25 million in tax credits to Fallout, which implies it could be filming its second season there. 

Finally, there are more than enough unanswered questions in the Fallout TV show finale to warrant a second season of the show, which leads us to what might happen next if it does get renewed...

What will happen in Fallout season 2?

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If you’re looking for an in-depth recap on what exactly went down in episode 8, check out our Fallout season 1 ending explained. But the basic gist was there were a whole load of revelations to contend with in the final episode.

First of all, we found out exactly what Vault-Tec had been up to, and it was heavily implied that they were the ones who first dropped the bomb more than 200 years ago. Then there were the Brotherhood of Steel revelations. The Elder Cleric wanted Maximus (Aaron Moten) to help him start a new Brotherhood, which could see them become the undisputed rulers of the wasteland. The series ends with Maximus in charge, with the cold fusion device in his possession.

However, the biggest set-up for season 2 came at the end when we found out who Hank MacLean (Kyle MacLachlan) really was. In a firefight with the Ghoul (Walton Goggins) and Lucy MacLean (Ella Purnell), he managed to make his escape in the Brotherhood of Steel suit. In the final moments of season 1, we see him looking out at a very interesting location: New Vegas. As players will know, it’s a huge location in the Fallout games, and it seems that could be where we’re heading next in Fallout season 2.

One major character we also wouldn’t be surprised to see back is Cooper Howard’s wife Barb. Played by Frances Turner, we’ve only seen her in flashbacks so far, but given the revelations about Vault-Tec members being kept alive, it feels pretty likely she could be around somewhere. The Ghoul and Lucy are making their way to find the person behind it all, so could it be a familiar face?

What games would Fallout season 2 be based on?


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While Fallout is an adaptation based on some of the best Fallout games, so far its story hasn’t drawn on any specific game storylines. That’s not to say it’s not linked to the wider Fallout universe though. Todd Howard has confirmed that it is canon and there are a lot of Fallout Easter eggs hidden in the show, and we’d expect that to continue into season 2.

As well as this, it’s very possible that the show will draw on two main things from the games going forward. The first is that seeming revelation about who dropped the first bombs. It’s heavily implied in the show that it was Vault-Tec, but one of the writers of the games previously suggested it was China. Seeing how this revelation interacts with canon in the games will be very interesting in a potential second season.

The other huge segment of games that they might draw on comes from that location revealed at the end. If it is what we think it is, it seems likely the second season will draw on the spin-off Fallout: New Vegas from 2010. That RPG followed a character called Courier as they transported a package across the Mojave Desert to New Vegas. Now, while we’re not expecting to see exact storylines depicted, especially given that it takes place years after the game, but season 2 may draw on some of the iconography of the iconic location. We can’t wait.

What have the creators said about Fallout season 2?


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Those involved in the Fallout TV show have been pretty open about their hopes for multiple seasons of the show too. Showrunner Graham Wagner told Total Film recently: "It’s an uncertain time in television. So the art form of season finales has become: provide enough closure, but leave the door open for more."

He then added, sharing his hopes for more episodes: "We feel we’ve barely scratched the surface of the Fallout universe. We literally have documents and documents of stuff that we’re, in success, eager to dig into. Our fingers are crossed that we’re going to get the opportunity to do all that stuff."

Fallout is available on Prime Video now. For more on the new show, read our Fallout season 1 review and check out our spoiler-filled guides to whether the Fallout TV show canon, when the Fallout TV show takes place on the series timeline, and how it reveals the origins of Vault Boy's thumbs up.

If that wasn't enough too, we've also got some exclusive insight from the cast and creators on the new series which you can read below: 

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