Fortnite Campfires: Where to light them for a healing boost

Fortnite Campfires
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Fortnite campfires can often be overlooked, especially now they are much less frequently seen around the island, but the healing boost they provide when lit shouldn't be forgotten as it could help you out when your HP is low. Normally players will turn to med kits and bandages when it's time to top up their health, or use the various foraged items that can be gathered up, but campfires provide another option to get back to full strength as they gradually increase your HP when stood near the flames – just don't get too close to that fire, or you'll be burned and take damage!

Fortnite campfires may not be the best source of health overall, but if you (or your squad) are in a bind then they can really help you out, especially if you're approaching the Fortnite endgame and don't have any more healing items in your inventory. They're also needed to complete certain Fortnite quests, to earn some extra XP by ticking them off. Check out the map below, and I'll show you where to find all of the Fortnite campfire locations.

Where to find Campfires in Fortnite

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Fortnite campfires were at one time found in abundance around the island, but they're somewhat rarer in the current season and therefore harder to track down. I've marked the locations I've discovered on the map above, and while this may not be an exhaustive listing it does at least provide you with a selection of options to choose from, across the middle and around the edges of the island. Unsurprisingly, these are mainly found in and around camps, so if you spot some tents in the wilderness then check the area and you may discover a campfire in the vicinity.

How to light a campfire in Fortnite

Fortnite Campfires

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To light a campfire in Fortnite, simply approach it and follow the Light prompt to get the fire burning. This is free the first time, but if the campfire has already been used (represented by glowing embers rather than stacks of planks) then you'll need to use 200 Wood to reignite it. Once alight, you can use an additional 30 Wood to stoke the fire, temporarily boosting its healing power.

If you're with a squad in need of healing then make sure you've all gathered round before someone activates one of the Fortnite campfires, and consider putting up some protective walls so you don't leave yourself exposed to get sniped while topping up your health!

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