Fortnite Test of Agility: How to overcome it at Restored Reels

Fortnite Test of Agility
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The Fortnite Test of Agility is the first challenge handed down to you by The Oracle, as part of the Snapshot storyline quests. In order to start this test, you'll first need to visit one of the four Fortnite Scrying Pools dotted around the island to commune with The Oracle, which will then set up this task. It's a classic time trial assignment, where you need to race through the series of rings to complete the course before the time runs out, but it isn't obvious how to trigger it. To help you, here's how to overcome the Test of Agility in Fortnite at Restored Reels.

Where to find the Fortnite Test of Agility

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On the map above, I've marked the location you need to go to so you can start the Test of Agility in Fortnite. This is the northernmost building at Restored Reels, and as long as you've cued this quest up by speaking to The Oracle, you'll find a floating golden stopwatch icon inside. Follow the Start Test prompt when looking at it, and you'll be on your way.

How to overcome the Test of Agility in Fortnite

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To overcome the Test of Agility in Fortnite, you just need to race through all of the glowing gold rings before the time runs out. There are eight rings in total, and they follow the path marked out above – head down the hill and around the building to the right, hurdle through the archway then follow the top of the piazza and go through the next building to complete the course. You're given a full minute to race the route, and it will only take around 20-25 seconds if you're using sprint, so there shouldn't be any problems with finishing this quest.

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