What are Pacific Drive dumpster pearls and what do you do with them

Pacific Drive dumpster pearl
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So you've found a dumpster pearl in Pacific Drive and wondering what the hell to do with it? These shiny lumps are a valuable resource once you understand how to access what's inside, but the chances are when you first get one you probably won't be able to crack it open. If you want to know how best to deal with one, here's what you need to do. 

How to use Pacific Drive dumpster pearls

Pacific Drive dumpster pearl inventory

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If you find a Pacific Driver dumpster pearl it'll appear in your inventory as you see above. The trouble when you first find one you won't know what to do with it or how to open it. The description says it contains 'layers of precious materials formed around a core' and that you can break them apart to get what's inside. 

The big question is how...? You can crack one of these things open with a Grinder but it takes a long time and will likely use up at least one tool, probably more. What you really need is the Matter Deconstructor, a device you can unlock after the Scanning Antenna in the Garage part of the Fabrication Station. 

Pacific Drive dumpster pearl opening

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Once you have a Matter Deconstructor it'll appear as a device with a large circular ring, just behind your main workbench. If you hold the dumpster pearl you'll be able to feed it into the Deconstructor, which will then disintegrate it and release a wealth of various resources out of the slot at the bottom. It's mostly basic resources like fabric, scrap and metal sheets, so don't hold your breath for getting too many Pacific Drive gas cylinders or Thermosap Crystals this way. 

For the size they take up in your inventory you can get a lot of resources from a dumpster pearl, so they're worth picking up and bringing back whenever you find one. And, if you haven't got the Matter Deconstructor yet, you can just hang on to them until you do.

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