Where to find Thermosap crystals in Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive thermosap crystals
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Pacific Drive Thermosap crystals are useful to make armored doors and panels, but essential when you have to make a Lim Shield for part for the story in Pacific Drive. While it's one thing to find them as you go, amassing a little stockpile for no fixed cause, when you need 28 for the Lim Shield you might find you suddenly can't locate any for love nor money. So, to help you find Thermosap crystals in Pacific Drive, here's everything you need to know.  

Where to find Pacific Drive Thermosap crystals

Pacific Drive sap compressor

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There are two main places to find Thermosap Crystals in Pacific Drive: Sap Compressors and Abandoned Squires. The biggest payout comes from the Sap Compressors you can see in the picture above. These can only be found on Scorch areas of the zone and will drop 8-10 crystals when shattered with an Impact Hammer. 

You can also get some Thermosap Crystals from scrapping the armored panels and doors of Abandoned Squires you can find in any zone: 

Pacific Drive Abandoned Squires

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However, even knowing about these two sources, you're still largely relying on luck to actually find either when you're out. Like Pacific Drive gas cylinders, you never find what you want, when you need it. The Sap Compressors in particular are small and easily hidden behind the smallest obstruction. I found, as well, that all my Scorch zones were the highest level of unstable possible, making it extra dangerous to run around looking for them

To make it easier to find Thermosap Crystals in Pacific Drive you need to unlock and equip the Resource Radar found in the Utilities section of the Fabrication Station. You'll also need a roof rack unlocked and equipped to place it on your car. Once it's in place and you've mapped it to a button as an ability, you'll be able to ping resources in the world and see what's out there. 

Here's what you're looking for: 

Pacific Drive resource rader thermosap crystal pings

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The icon on the left shows an Abandoned Squire, while the one on the right shows a Sap Compressor. If you head to any Scorch area and ping the Resource Radar it shouldn't take you too long to find one or both. You can also find Abandoned Squires in any zone but you'll only get 4-6 crystals max, depending on the number of panels and your luck with what they actually drop. So if you need crystals in quantity you're really going to have to hit the Scorch areas. Use the the radar though, and stay focused on getting what you need and getting out, and you should have enough for what you need in no time.

And, if you're looking for Thermosap crystals in Pacific Drive for story reasons, you might be wondering about how long Pacific Drive is? Check my guide there for the full breakdown on that. 

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