Where to find gas cylinders in Pacific drive

pacific Drive cas cylinder
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If you need to know where to find gas cylinders in Pacific Drive then I'm going to guess you need a new engine. When your basic carburetted engine eventually breaks and becomes 'weary' you'll need six gas cylinders to make a new one. Which is easier said than done when other things need them too, and there's only one place you can really find them. So here's what you need to know if you're on the hunt in the zone for Pacific Drive gas cylinders. 

You'll find Pacific Drive gas cylinders in the science cabins

Pacific Drive gas cylinder location

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If you need Pacific Drive gas cylinders then look for the grey portacabins you see scattered around, usually with a plasma canister generator on the side (where you can also sometimes find Pacific Drive transmuters). This is your best bet at finding cylinders, as the only place I've found them with any regularity is inside the Hazmat Cabinet you find inside: 

pacific Drive cas cylinder

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Generally, from my experiences, you stand more chance of finding a gas cylinder in Pacific Drive if the Cabinet is still chained shut and need a pry bar to open. That's not guaranteed though, as they can still be cylinder-less if sealed shut, but I've definitely found fewer in ones that are already opened. Like Pacific Drive Thermosap Crystals, it can be a luck game here as to what you actually find when you're out.

Look for this icon on the map to find the grey cabins as you explore, as they can be hard to see in the dark or easily hidden away:  

pacific Drive cas cylinder map location

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The problem here is that even when you know what and where you have to go to find them, you're lucky if you find a couple of cylinders in a run, and you'll also need them to make Impact Hammers, which are a pretty vital piece of kit you can't really ignore. Because of that you won't always have many, and will often have to use the ones you have found to continue harvesting other resources. 

So, if you are having trouble finding gas cylinders, your best bet is to make some easy runs into safe areas and target those grey cabins. Don't do any long multi-stage journeys; just find one or two high stability places in the opening, safer areas and hit all the cabins you can find. 

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